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Are you reading the other thread? Otherwise, I'm not sure what the question is.
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The old 5EP denim is my favorite denim ever. Great color, texture, weight, everthing. Love that shit. My SF collabos ar still going strong and one of the two favorite pairs I've ever had.
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Please understand that Christine will make a jean just as nice. The greenish hue was a dye that dye can be replicated just like the denim itself and she will do that.
The hard wear will come from the same place and so will the other trim.

What I meant for "for the best" is a personal matter between the people of 5EP. Christine always wanted and to make product in the sates. She knows the best places with the best wash houses.
She will make an equal jean. It can and will be done. There are a couple things she can do to the jean to make it even better. She knows this and will make it happen. I can assure everyone of this.

The first batch was sold me , fok , and 5EP. Toward the end maybe a couple other stores had it. I carried the most. It was fok's idea to do the project. It was Christine and I who made the pattern and did the adjustments to make it what is. The denim was made for 5EP by Kurabo Japan.

I believe Christine will announce the new stuff and sell t through her website and a handful ( literally) of wholesale accounts. I will call her over the weekend and get some updates.
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damn gutted that i cant fit the brand new 34 i just bought. the top block seems too slim for me. will the top block stretch for those who had it for awhile?
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If you're talking about the waist, mine stretched out at least 2".
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Originally Posted by whodini View Post

If you're talking about the waist, mine stretched out at least 2".

thanks. yeah i mean the waist and the seat.

well, if no one buys mine within 1-2 weeks i think i'll just have to break them in.
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shameless plug: i got a W33 x 32 [chainstiched]. initially, warm soaked__ then O/W cold [by me]... never worn. will post @FS soon. momentarily, plz pm for queries if interested.

lost some weight & now fits a bit awkward__ pix reflect current state/condition. worn only for photo ops & never gone past the apt door.

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