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Vineyard vines ties

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VV makes inexpensive ties that look very similar to Ferragamo / Hermes (I've seen them at Bloomingdales).
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The vineyard vines ties have a certain look; to me, very preppified versions of hermes/ferr. prints. They look alright, but I wouldn't say inexpensive for what you get, at around $60-$70. (Haven't seen em on sale, but then again, haven't been looking) I think the Hermes/Ferragamo versions tend to look classier, and - esp. the hermes - of higher quality, at the price-point to match. VV patterns can be fun, though. I think the owners are young; more power to em for taking advantage of America's prep-obsession (says the hypocrite decked in BB today). EDIT: Is the owner on cnbc in relation to politics? That'd be interesting.
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I had to wear a VV tie as a groomsman to a wedding last summer. I am somewhat biased, since I never liked the Hermes kind of tie, and this really looks and feels like those. It had dolphins on it. The quality was fine, I just felt silly wearing it. It was tough to knot, and when it did, the knot was miniscule. I wouldnt buy one if given the chance.
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