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Recrafting shoes

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Has anyone ever had shoes recrafted by someone other than the manufacturer? If so how did they turn out?
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I had Allen Edmonds resole a pair of Alden cordovan chukka boots. Took them about 3 weeks, they did a superb job. Hope that helps.
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That does help. Has anyone had any shoes recrafted by a local cobbler?
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I have had good luck with a particular cobbler in Salt Lake City, but there is supposedly a cobbler in the Houston area that Johnny from Harolds in the Heights uses that is supposed to be very good. 1-800-598-SHOE Ask for Johnny. He is very customer-service friendly. He might could give you the name of the cobbler and you could send the shoes directly to that cobbler.
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i had my AE's re-soled by the local cobbler. dunno if that counts as 're-crafting', but they did condition the leather. they turned out pretty nice i thought. not top quality, but serviceable.
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