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My guess would be market size. Likely many more women willing to splash out for a VW dress than guys who will for a tuxedo in the same snack bracket. Especially if they are thinking more about getting wedding business (ie the groom's rig is considered an up sell on the dress) than general black tie purchases.

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I agree that it's a bigger market, but if the lower quality of the tux rubs off the glitz of the name, fewer women are going to be willing to willing to spend thousands on a VW dress. As a retired bartender, I've seen maybe 1000 wedding receptions and thus 1000 wedding dresses. To me most of the dresses seem to be very similar. I couldn't tell the difference between a thousand dollar dress and a $20,000 dress. When a woman spends $20,000 for a VW dress, maybe $5-10,000 of the dress is the name and the status. If the dress (or any other product) loses status, it also loses value. Curious move.