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Tuxedo Advice Vera Wang Black

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Had decided it was time to buy a Tux instead of renting this year. I had previously rented and worn the Vera Wang Black tux from MW for my wedding and last formal event. It fits well off the rack, wife loves the way it looks on me, and knew MW was running a sale. Got it for half off during their Christmas day sale.
Now I am having SERIOUS buyer's remorse. Looked up tuxedo info and found out that a proper tuxedo is single button with peak or shawl lapel, no vent, etc... The problem is the Vera Wang is a Notch with 2 buttons. I am very traditional and a stickler for getting things right. So obviously this really bothers me. (Trying it on know it fits and looks great but to me with what I know now just looks more like a really nice black business suit & not a tux)
Not sure what to do because in the my price range ($500) I don't think I can do any better quality wise than the Vera Wang I got for $400. I feel like for $500 or less, anything peak or shawl is going to be a significant drop off in suit quality. My wife loves Vera Wang (another problem).
So my question is should I keep it or return it and try to find something more traditional but less quality in this price range.

P.S. I could be overestimating the quality of the Vera Wang BLACK but my initial research has come back with anything from JB or Macy's or MW would be a step down. Ideally in a few years I will glady drop $900-2000 on much nicer tuxedo. I have a few more formats to go to the next few years before I have that kind of money.
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If you really want to get the details right, then you'll never be satisfied with your tuxedo. I agree, a two-button notch lapel jacket isn't what you want. Take a look at Suitsupply and eHaberdasher for classically styled tuxedos at reasonable price points and likely better construction than your Vera Wang Black tuxedo. Just guessing on that point, though.
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Return the tux. Every time you wear it, based on what you've written, you will feel less than good in it and that's a killer. You seem to know what is correct. My advice is to look at vintage and see what you can pick up. Or troll eBay. There are excellent jackets for sale on there all the time.


When you're ready to spend a little more, then look into MTM or Bespoke.

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Thanks for the advice... In the process of trying to convince myself to keep it. I have 90 days and my next formal (black tie optional) event isn't until May. It arrived yesterday and I can say it is a cut a above everything else at MW. It does look great on me and the fabric they use is very light and breathable (130s). Also what I really like is the grosgrain lapels, which are actually done really well and look really nice. I honestly don't think I could get anything at the other sub-$500 suit retailers with this fit & quality. My problem is I could actually get over the notches due to all the pros I listed, it's just the two buttons. The two buttons & the notches together are killing me. I am going to sit on it a while, keep an eye out for sales. Ideally I'd like the Shawl SkyGala by Hugo Boss at Nordstrom (I don't like most shawls but tmi love that one), but at $895 it's well out of the budget. Any other advice is welcome or anything I haven't thought of.... I have a little and am not in a rush, thanks
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Did you look at eHaberdasher as I suggested? $550 for a fully canvassed, classically styled tuxedo. $400 is not a bargain if you're going to keep wondering if it's right for you.
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Originally Posted by DocHolliday1982 View Post

Any other advice is welcome or anything I haven't thought of.... I have a little and am not in a rush, thanks



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I did check eHaberdasher.... The other day, didn't find my size (38r or 40r depending on the cut) will take a look again for your suggestion.
Also checked eBay and didn't see anything I liked.
MW has a CK Shawl that I liked, it was on sale for $250 which makes me think it is worth just $250 (thinking I can spend the rest of the money on nice shoes & shirt).... But I will keep an eye on eHaberdasher & eBay. I appreciate the advice and will keep an eye out.
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Don't be too quick to write-off the JAB gold signature tux.  This is within your budget when on sale.  Obviously, it is not made to last a lifetime; but, it is probably at least as well made as anything made by Boss or Vera Wang.  It is also classically styled (peak lapels faced in grosgrain, no vent, single button).  I bought one for my wedding a couple of years ago, and it has served me well for the very few occasions that I've worn it since.  I did invest in a very high quality stuff for all of the other elements (Marcella bib shirt, grosgrain tie & cummerbund, onyx & sterling shirt studs and cuff links, Thurston suspenders, etc).

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I was thinking JAB, stopped in one today and they didn't have that one in my size to try on. My concern with JAB is that I hear they tend to run boxy and I have a slimmer athletic frame, 38R 32W 5'11", I will definitely have it tailored but can something be too boxy and not be fixed with waist suppression? Thanks
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Originally Posted by DocHolliday1982 View Post

. Ideally I'd like the Shawl SkyGala by Hugo Boss at Nordstrom (I don't like most shawls but tmi love that one), but at $895 it's well out of the budget. Any other advice is welcome or anything I haven't thought of.... I have a little and am not in a rush, thanks

Isn't most Hugo Boss stuff just fused? I'd vote for the Benjamin or SuitSupply options over that one. If you have a good NMLC near you that gets Bergdorf stuff, definitely check there as well. The Philly NMLC had an EU 50 (US 39-40) Caruso tuxedo as of a couple of weeks ago. Maybe you could get them to ship. Fully canvassed, peak lapel, basted sleeves, etc, Originally was in the $2K range, NMLC had it for $700ish, but it hit the 40% off rack, and I had a coupon for an additional 10% off so I got one for $450. (Strangely there is sales tax on formalwear in PA, but not other clothing.)
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Have you tried Brooks Brothers or Ralph Lauren?  Those are usually my standard recommendations for good tuxedos at a decent price.  Right now, the Great Gatsby collection is on sale, and especially at 50% off, it represents a good value.  Looking here, the jacket is only available in size 39R+, but that may actually fit, seeing that you are a size 38 in much more forgiving brands:



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I was all over the BB Great Gatsby and for fabric quality and construction with the sale its a great value, the peaks are just too much like a costume. If I had the disposable income I wear to a more costume-style affair. The peaks literally go above the shoulders. I spent a little while trying to talk myself into that one, good suggestion though thanks!
I live in Phoenix and there is a local tailor, Brother's Tailors, offering a Baroni Tux for $500-600 and offered to custom build a tuxedo starting at $800 (outside the price range) but they also did not have a peak lapel (Baroni) model for me to try on unfortunately!
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The problem with the Gatsby tux jacket isn't the lapels, it's the flapped pockets and the center vent. Both could be fixed by a good tailor, though.

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This may be off topic & if so Mods, plz delete.

Vera Wang makes expensive & highly coveted wedding dresses. They have a good reputation in that area. Why is the company putting that reputation, IMO, at risk by making or putting their name on a so-so $400 Tux? If they wanted to move in that market, it would seem to make more sense to make a Tux at the same level as their gowns. From a business point of view, I can see a big down side (losing or cheapening their gown line perception) vs a small up side in the profit of tux sales.
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My guess would be market size. Likely many more women willing to splash out for a VW dress than guys who will for a tuxedo in the same snack bracket. Especially if they are thinking more about getting wedding business (ie the groom's rig is considered an up sell on the dress) than general black tie purchases.

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