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do you enjoy this? I always thought a position like that would be a lot of fun.

I honestly have a hard time imagining a better fit for me in particular. If it is the industry you are asking about (my clients are owners, sales managers and salesmen at tractor dealerships) I really think it is a personal fit. I have worked in many business environments, and this is very much my cup of tea. It's not as sexy as other industries I have worked in, nor does it have a fleet of private planes or drivers, but it pays well enough to make the travel worth it imo.

Does this answer your question?
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I'm an accounts guy for a custom software firm. Mostly inside sales, and AMing.

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Software sales here. It's alright. 

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I've been in IT (apps, technology outsourcing, you name it...) most of my professional life, first apps development, then operations, but last 4 and something years in sales. One of the the big name companies even my grandma knows :-)


... and then, few months ago, they offered a nice package for me to leave, I jumped the wagon, and now I'm independent consultant advising buyers how to buy the same services I used to sell :-)


What you learn is there is no "I do sales, you do something else", sales is just one aspect of everyone's life, and it is about understanding what OTHER people want, what they really want and why. 

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Processing Equipment Sales. I don't like it. 

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I'm originally a mechanical engineer who got into engineering software sales, then enterprise software sales. I've sold software to businesses, specializing in large transactions of complex software to large, complex buisnesss, for about 20 years now.

I now manage, coach, and train a sales team for a software company covering the SW United States for them.

I'm actually here because my new job will have me going into an office. I used to work from home when not traveling with customers and so I had a very minimal business wardrobe. I've been buying clothes now for the office and this site has been invaluable.

I'm happy to discuss sales, or IT, or what I look for in hiring, or how to develop yourself to be successful in business if anyone here just starting out would like to ask questions. I was fortunate to get some good advice early in my life and I see it as a duty to pass it on.

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