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Originally Posted by othertravel View Post

I'm hoping to go to London in the fall. If so want to visit the C&J factory store. Have Torontonians/Canadians here visited the factory shop before?


Nope but I would also visit J. Fitzpatrick.  With the lower pound, his MTO program is a pretty nice offer IMO.  

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Originally Posted by CanadaCal View Post

Nope but I would also visit J. Fitzpatrick.  With the lower pound, his MTO program is a pretty nice offer IMO.  

He doesn't have any low-instep lasts though. Nice looking shoes though.
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He has a low instep himself and wears them all.  I have been taking to him and am going to try to MTO something in a narrow width. 

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Im from the UK, living in Toronto.....parents live about one hour from northampton ...i head across to the UK once a year. and always make a trip to Nothants..i think that the C&J store is the best...followed by maybe Churchs..although the prices had gone up last time i was at churchs last October.


the trickers store is expensive, the john lobb one does have vaguely decent discounts but I've no stomach for paying lobb prices and I've not made it to the Cheaney store as its a fair drive from C&J and Churchs which are close to the two centre...

in the C&J store two years ago i picked up the harrogate (Scotch grain double monks) for UK120 and last year i bought a pair of coniston for UK200 and a pair of navy blue captors (not sure of the model) for UK120. there is slight discolouring on the conistons in a certain light explaining their 'seconds' status...no idea why the other two pairs of shoes were considered substandard.....


i think the factory stores have good deals...but be aware that C&J is only open on friday afternoon and sat morning

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Thanks for review. I hope to get a chance to visit C&J and Cheaneys.
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Hey guys, I'm looking for a tassel loafer that I can wear with jeans or dress up depending on the occasion. I was looking at this sleek and elegant pair on Carmina's website:


However, it's over my budget. I'm looking to spend in the $300 CAD range. Can I find anything decent? I really like the Carmina's a lot.
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For 300 try Loding or AE via club Monaco. Or try to find some Alden's on eBay.
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You can get Meermin's for about that price after shipping and taxes. Check out the official thread for all of the positives and negatives.

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Some good suggestions above. I was going to suggest Velasca, because they are less than $300 CAD, however looking at the top view of their suede tassel loafers they really do not look very good.


On the cheap end, Massimo Dutti has some decent looking shoes, but obviously you are not getting Goodyear Welted shoes for that price. I feel your pain, as I was trying to find a pair of sleeker suede penny loafers and it was difficult. I ended up getting a pair from MD since they were not expensive, fit well, had the look I wanted and didn't seem all that poorly made. Made in Portugal of real leathers and the description online stated a "stitched sole". Time will tell if it was bad idea.

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J. Crew has some in house offerings that can be found around that price if you catch them on sale. Goodyear Welted, and decent leather. I believe some of the suede offerings are even sourced from CF Stead.

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Happy Canada Day Gentlemen!

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Great suggestions, thanks for the help guys! I may check out loding as I have two pairs from them and have no complaints with them so far.

Happy Canada Day!
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Can someone suggest a tailor in Toronto that makes fused suits?


I'm looking for a repair to be made to one of my suits as documented here;




Downtown or east-end preferred but I'll take any recommendation.

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The short answer is No


You'd have to unglue the rest to reglue that portion which is mostly impossible and would be prohibitively expensive for a Mexx suit if it were so. 


Best bet is to check out this thread and find some new options for a replacement

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the downtown saks has a pretty good sale going on with 40% off the lowest marked price. they had a decent selection of purple label, zegna and isaia suits and sport jackets marked roughly 50% off with the 40% added on. good selection of zegna ties and some charvet ties as well.

does anyone have any recommendations on where to start looking for a tux? went to harry at yorkdale and they had a limited selection.
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