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I would like to make my own company. Not to support, for pinuts, silly guys in homeless' Boss suits thinking they are dressed like princes.
well then if you think you are going to have your own business then you will probably someday be thanking those same "stupid" people for doing much of the labor for you. And they, in return, will be thanking you for being so stupid to pay someone to do some labor which you could easily do yourself. And I second the person who mentioned experience, some people may be earning less than you but in a couple years they will have had many years worth of experience when you would be just starting and earning less than them, then who will be stupid?
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bryce330: 'i hate the french as much as anyone'...LOL. i loves me this funny thread.
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Will now lock thread. In the wordfs of Rodney King- Can't we all get along?? I actually agree with much more that ernest says than anyone else, but that would also be hijacking the thread... I don't like how he said it, nor how LAG calls him names as well. Or anyone else doing Ad Hominem arguments. We've had to ban too many people lately....Let's not make it more, OK?
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