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Do trousers get longer rise with longer length sizes?

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I bought some wool trousers today at Macy's size 36 x 32 which are on the long side, but is the best size. I noticed when trying length 30, the crotch are was quite tight. L32, and I think i feel more room for the family jewels. I took them home and still feel like they're just a tad to high on the crotch and my boys are getting hung up.


Do pants get a longer rise with a longer length? Should I just get W36 x L34/36 and shorten them?




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No, you should buy entirely different pants. Or, is it possible to not pull them up as high? I'm not talking 2006 rap album low, I'm talking one notch less tightness on the belt. Obviously, that won't work if they're skin-tight, but you're better off not buying skin tight dress pants.

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Hmm, they're not that tight, they're just tight enough to look well. The size up is comfy but looks all wrong for dress pants (would be OK for jeans?)


I think the problem is that i just can't see how other pants would be any better, i just have a lot there. Perhaps i need to switch from boxers to briefs for trousers? :(


I could swear that the 30 length pants had even less room so i assumed longer would have more...

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I'm not suggesting you buy the same pants a size larger. I'm suggesting you buy a different brand of pants.


I'd be surprised to find out whatever brand you bought cut a different rise for different lengths, because it would be a lot more complicated to make. But, who knows, maybe it works out cheaper on somebody's balance sheet.

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This is an old post that I have to return to because... I'm back at the same spot. I went to Macy's and tried on a bunch of wool pants. I chose the ones that looked and fit best, Ralph Lauren. So now, let me try to refine the question:


Simply, I have a lot of "package" in my crotch and I wear boxers. How do you maintain your jewels in more fitting pants?


I realized that i need to lower them slightly on my hip and they feel and drape just fine when standing up. I figured out that the rise (split in the pant's crotch) has to be slightly on the side of the package and my anatomy can hang loose. Lowering also gets rid of the slight wedgie in my crack. I suppose this all indicates that this style of pants is worn a bit lower than jeans and dockers. 


However, when i sit down, the rise cuts into my package and, well, i get man camel-toe. Its not that bad (its not too uncomfortable), but things bulge and don't look right. I have to really lower the pants for them to fit well, feel unnatural.


I'm 6' tall and 195 lbs with a gut so I normally wear comfortable pants - slightly loose jeans and dockers to look better, but they all have a lot more room in the crotch. 


I really need some advice here. I want to be able to wear these nice slacks, but my junk gets in the way :(

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Buy something in between. Perhaps the Nordstrom house brand.
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