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Originally Posted by Double D View Post
I'd imagine only by some serious fobby bint wearing that cap.
Sorry lady-killer. Maybe when you finally manage to pry all those hotties off you can give me some tips on how to get the ladies!
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Nice Pee-Wee Hermann response there.
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While I was out last light some random guy asked me: "Who makes that sweater?". I responded: Michael J Krell. He replied: "He's sick...", with a look of confidence on his face - which of course caused me to nod and look away in awkward bemusement. So, Michael, it seems you have quite the following in Rochester.
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Looking good Wayne & Ken... It is good to know we are getting some street cred...
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Originally Posted by Monkey View Post
Michael, did you get my reply to your email? Let me know what the next step is.


Just sent you an invoice. Sorry for the delay...
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Michael: Critiques on the hoodie: The buttons - and especially the bottom one - have a hard time staying in the buttonhole. Maybe in future productions you could make the holes smaller.

Also, if people are wondering, the hoodie will shrink a bit. It was a bit baggy but now it is slimmer, but tight by no means.
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Heading home today, so feel free to ship it if you haven't already. Can't wait to geek out and wear it with my new Sugarcanes...
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