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For evening: Helmut Lang Cuiron For attention: Diesel Green (lots of it - great for snotty art openings ) Creed's new Vetiver smells nothing like vetiver to me. I like the scent of the original Guerlain, although I would not wear it personally. The new Prada, which is ostensibly unisex, is spectacularly, compellingly amber.
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I like Cartier's Expression... amazing staying power and a very good day scent.
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aqua de gio (which my wife loves) and creed himalya for daily use. I really liked one of the creed scents that had a very powerful mandarin orange element, but the salesman told me it was the favorite of michael jackson (the music, not the beer) and that put me off it...
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Trumper's "Wellington" and Penhaligon's "Raquet's Formula". My girlfriend likes the latter . Wasn't there another thread about what scents we wear?   MtB P.S. I've been off vacationing and I'm working my way through 'old' posts   .
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I wear: Higher Dior Gucci Pour Homme Burberry London Comme Des Garcon 2 (my favorite) I want to sample the new Hedi Slimane fragrances.
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Creed: Green Valley Acqua di Parma: Colonia Assoluta That's it.
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These are only fragrances I wear: Versace L'Homme Hermes Belami Lalique Best place to purchase on line is: Great website and good prices.. I don't buy in stores anymore.
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Nothing.  I OD'd on cologne when I was in my 20s.  What really did it for me was riding the NY subway and standing next to someone with overpowering cologne that would almost nauseate me. I was in a Greek taverna once and the waiter complimented me on how I smelled and asked me what scent I was wearing -- would I write it down for him.  I dutifully wrote out "Johnson's Baby Powder."  It was the truth. I do like scented soaps though, because the scent is subtle.  Sometimes for kicks in a department store, I'll spray some on those tester cards.  Did it recently and hate to admit it, but Vera Wang for men came out winner of the ones I tested.
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has anybody sampled the new dior homme fragrances?? i just broke my bottle of issey miyake that had lasted me a couple of years and need to get something new.
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does a bottle of cologne/eau de toilette, once opened, have a limited shelf life? i know i've kept some bottles for a very long time, but are you 'supposed' to do this? /andrew - wearing eau de toilette made from 'sagebrush' oil
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if you store them in a dark, cool, place, they can last for many years, if not decades.
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My very first bottle of Acqua di Parma arrived in the mail on Saturday. Yay.
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Good stuff, which one did you go with?
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I got the regular Acqua di Parma Colonia, in a 100mL spray. had a promo for free shipping and some freebies on orders over $85. I don't think that I have ever smelled the Colonia Assoluta, but it sounded a little too "warm" or something for my taste. Amber does not wear well on me.
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does a bottle of cologne/eau de toilette, once opened, have a limited shelf life? i know i've kept some bottles for a very long time, but are you 'supposed' to do this?
Depends...I read once that the "filler" liquids (usually alcohol) in most fragrances (even the pricer stuff) will alter the essential oils of a cologne as time goes on. So, unless you can afford the pure esential oil stuff, I'd only shelve it for a year or two.
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