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I remember reading recently that Ricky is somewhat swamped. I placed my order and sent a check on July 30th. My check hasn't been cashed, and Ricky hasn't replied to my email with a question about the shirt(an inquiry about a specific detail of the shirt). Any idea?
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i placed an order (one shirt - first one) on june 24, and received it on august 12. that's 7 weeks. i haven't been charged yet, as far as i know. /andrew
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I guess I can expect to wait a few more weeks - thanks.
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The turnaround time has definitely increased.  I placed an order on June 16 and am still waiting to receive it.
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I just received my shirt yesterday. Took about six weeks. Didn't hear anything until about a week and a half ago when I got an email from Ricky saying it was on it's way.
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My last order was placed at the end of May/early June and received last week. Over two months turnaround. Not only that, but one of the shirts I received used an bviously defective piece of fabric for the right front panel. A bit careless. That being said, I'm still a fan of Jantzen and for $40 a shirt, I won't be sending anything back or complaining to Ricky. M
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I have been waiting a long time on a couple of orders. However, I have sent a number of required changes during that period of time so I am assuming that their implementation is slowing things down even more. I have requested confirmation of these changes numerous times but have not received any response (over a two month period. ) I have also asked a number of questions regarding a problem I have been having with fabric pulling b/w placket and shoulder... no response. I have asked for confirmation that he received my new Visa number... no response. His responses were never fast but at least you could expect one. I imagine the guy must be absolutely swamped. One other thing: if Ricky made a mistake, why not ask for it to be fixed? Whether a shirt costs $40 or $400 if it is not as advertised I do not see why you would not expect it to be fixed.
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It's not worth the hassle to get it fixed. The shirt is wearable (albiet not perfect) and I value the Jantzen relationship too highly to mess with a good thing. For all we know, Ricky could be like the soup Nazi: "No shirt for you." I'm not taking any chances.
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Montecristo, good point. If Ricky were to be able to make his shirts on par with Ascot Chang, he'd definitely have to charge more. For my first Jantzen shirt I sent a diagram for the desired front placket buttonhole layout(with only the bottom one horizontal), and all the buttonholes ended up horizintal.
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Well, I sent back a couple of shirts to have the collars fixed as well as returning one that developed collar discolouration... so maybe that's why I have not received my latest orders. Seriously though, two of the shirts I returned for fixing came back no problem. I am not sure what the situation is with the other one I returned.
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Funny, Banks -- some of my shirts have come from Jantzen with a horizontal lower button, some with a vertical. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.
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Funny, Banks -- some of my shirts have come from Jantzen with a horizontal lower button, some with a vertical. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.
Same here, although I do think it has something to do with the overall style of the shirt. My more business-looking shirts have the horizontal buttonhole, while my sharkfin-collared ones and plain-front ones don't.
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just to add another data point, my checked button-down french placket shirt (not exactly high formal dress) also has the horzontal bottom button. i like it that way. it could be less a function of style and more a function of tail length. the horizontal buttonhole is useful with long tails because the front wants to pull apart when it is tucked in - the horizontal hole works to keep the button buttoned. /andrew
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I sent these as Remarks/Remarks of Shirt's Style: ------------------------------------------------------------ Big Rounded Tail with Butterfly Please wash fabric before cutting Please use old Jantzen Tailor label sewn on inside yoke(which it turns out they no longer have.  I don't like the new labels which they fold under the collar band, so I'm asking for no label) Horizontal buttonhole on sleeve placket Attach all buttons with handsewn shank ------------------------------------------------------------ Are any of these requests potentially dangerous?  Meaning, is there a chance than any of these will be misinterpreted with disastrous results?  I want to make sure that nothing happens like the first time, when all the buttonholes on the front button placket were made horizontal. Ricky just sent me an email today saying that he received my yoke pattern and that he can make a narrower yoke.  He also asked me, "Do you want to slit button?"  What does this mean?  How do I ask him to make sure that the shirt fronts and back are adjusted to accomodate the smaller yoke so that these parts together  fit me according to the measurements I sent when I placed the order?
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you might be more explicit when describing the tail. he might misinterpret 'butterfly'. not sure what 'do you want to slit button' means. ...oh wait: maybe he means 'do you want to slit/split bottom', in reference to your butterfly tail...? just a stab in the dark. /andrew - letting the comedy of errors begin...
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