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I really do know what @Andrew777 is talking about. I would not want to spend over 150€ on a RTW shirt. I still need to have the sleeves shortened and that creates extra expenses. However, after using some Borelli shirts for a few years now, I really have not been able to find affordable MTM that would satisfy my passion for that italian softness and details.


I have several mtm shirts from the companies mentioned here as well as from local shops. Only Sonrisa shirts from my tailor compare to Borelli RTW. But the cost is accordingly very high. Consequently, I don't mind spending 20€ for shortening sleeves, if I get the best quality.


All this said, what do you gents see being the sartorial details the shirt should have? What are the italian style must haves? If you are thinking collar bones, you are reading a wrong thread.


Very soft lining of course. Darted or pleated back? Pocket or not? Split yoke? What makes the shirt not only made in Italy but also loyal to Italian style?