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Alright fellas...Im in the process of semi-cleaning out my closet. I need to get rid of some things and make room for my jeans.    (My college days are slowly coming to an end and Im trying to plan accordingly.) Where do the different tops fall in terms of dressy/classy-ness? More specifically, which top is applicable to which environment or situation? I have a very good idea but I never really thought about it. I just put it on (or imagine it together) with pants and go from there. In general: Regular T-shirts (crew or v-neck). I can't believe some cost in the $100s. long-sleeve T-shirts (crew or v-neck). Polos (short/long-sleeve) Sweaters - in particular the thin merino wool and cashmere ones. Also...the T-shirt-esque tops that are sometimes made of merino wool or rayon, which many rock as muscle shirts (which I hate BTW)? They are also the ones people like to wear under a suit (which, respectfully, IMO, is rather easy and requires little thought or creativity, which I also dislike though some can pull it off. What are they called?) Short-sleeve button-up Long-sleeve button-up (If they have loud logos then that would change things also. That's not my style but to each their own. I know that today there are no set rules and it's a do-your-thing attitude, where you see celebs sporting Dior T-shirts, jeans and blazer to any of various awards event...but on a normal scale, how do they each stand?) If I missed anything, which I might have, please add it in. Thanks.