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Wedding reception outfit

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Hello, new member here.  I was looking for a place to ask my style question and found this site.  I hope you all can give me some good suggestions.


My question is:  I am going to a wedding reception soon.  I asked the groom if it was formal or casual attire.  He told me its up to me.


I have already decided on a dark grey long sleeve shirt to wear.  My question is what color of pants, shoes and tie would look best?


I already own these color of pants: Black, Navy, Brown/Dark Khaki, Tan/Light Khaki, Blueish Gray/Slate

I already own these shoes: Black dress, Dark Brown loafers and Cherry Brown loafers

I already own these ties: Solid black  (I'm willing to buy another tie..not a big deal)


What combination of the grey shirt/pants/tie would look the BEST?  I'm open to buying another tie if needed


Please help me ..any and all replies would be greatly appreciated!

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Most members will probably recommend ditching the grey shirt for either a white or blue shirt.  Wearing a tie without a jacket is considered a faux pas.  You'd likely benefit from a more versatile tie as well.

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Blue or pink shirt NOT grey. No tie.
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Originally Posted by GBR View Post

Blue or pink shirt NOT grey.
Very light blue or pink. It's rare that a boldly colored dress shirt will trump one with muted colors.
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I have a light blue shirt and a white shirt now.


So here's what I have:  




Dark Grey

Light Blue





Slate(Gray with a hint of blue)



Brown(Dark Khaki)



Solid black

Solid white

Dark grey/light grey/white (checkered pattern)

Dark blue/light blue/light grey(checkered pattern)



Black oxfords

Black Loafers

Dark Brown loafers

Cherry Brown loafers




Out of all this, what do you feel is the best  outfit?

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Light blue shirt, tan trousers, no tie (unless you come up with a jacket, preferably navy) and either brown or cherry shoes, provided you have a belt to match.

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Can't say without knowing what time of day the reception is. because evening colors (not the shirt) typically should be dark.

As an aside, reddish shoes do not require a reddish belt. (Feel free to read the article about belts.)
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Well guys it was an evening reception starting at 5pm.  I chose to wear the blue shirt with blue/white/grey plaid tie and the slate pants with black belt and black shoes. 


It was a success as I got at least a handful fo compliments that I can remember on how I looked.


Thanks for everything guys!!!

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Glad it worked out for you. 


For weddings I usually just wear a tweed waistcoat with a suitable shirt, pants and necktie. It just adds a special event feel to an outfit for me. 

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