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hoooly shit my heart was not ready for this


i am so upset right now

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Bought and finished reading the entire Neon Genesis series. *smh* so far I don't really get the hype. Guess I'll watch it now.

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I think I'm in the minority in that I am also unclear as to why Neon Genesis is regarded as a perennial Top 5 pick in most Best Anime Series lists. Might be because it's just far too angsty for my liking, and I did not care about any of the characters, at all. 


Very good production values, but the story did not resonate. 

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Ahhhh the original Digimon is coming back as a set of movies :inlove:

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Something I never understood was the use of changing an anime characters face from being all anime like, to a more realistic one. It seems they use this as a gag, but I don't get it. Someone please explain. 

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The Simpsons x Akira

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What's this? An anime/manga thread? 


Just read through the thread and it's cool to see the good taste that you folks have. 


I've started watching anime on a semi-regular basis again. I'm currently watching whatever the local university club is watching - in this case: Gate, Death Parade and Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) - but  I've missed the last couple of gatherings so I've been playing catchup as of late. 


- Death Parade is an interesting take on death, the afterlife and reincarnation. It lends itself to a formulaic setup but it breaks the mold on occasion by focusing on the arbiters at times. Definitely the best of the three shows the club is screening right now.

- Gate panders towards the otaku crowd, but it does have an interesting premise with the clash between the real world and the fantasy-based, medieval-esque world beyond this magical gate that appears out of nowhere. The main character is for the most part a wish-fulfillment self-insert character who gets the job done, not to mention an otaku himself.

- Yona of the Dawn focuses on a weak, naive princess that slowly matures into a capable warrior once her way of life takes a sudden turn for the worst, with the help of her trusted friend/bodyguard and the band of warriors that join her cause. A decent female-targeted fantasy that has a good mix of humour, action and drama. The manga is coming out in North America next year.


I'm also trying to whittle down my huge Blu-Ray/DVD backlog. I recently finished G Gundam (good, dumb fun) and am trying to watch Gankutsuou (an alternate retelling of Alexandre Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo). I usually watch my backlog during dinner, 1-2 episodes at a time. However, catching up with the university anime club screenings and catching up with my Weekly Shonen Jump subscription has slowed me down considerably.

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