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Buying brioni/attolini/borrelli suits from ebay.

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Do these hand made italian satorias have some sort of hidden signatures that cannot be found fake item? ie) suppose I buy Attolini suit from theworldsfinest, and I open the jacket with my tailor, would I be able to find physical evidence that it is indeed Attolini suit? would they put any labels on canvase? .. Thank you.
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Maybe have your tailor replace the lining and replace it or put it back? I would think the handwork in the chest/lapel area would be enough to verify the goods if you have the burning desire to see it yourself. DISCLAIMER: I have NOT had this done and don't know if it's possible - I just heard that tailors could redo the lining for you.
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Trust me, that guy is one of the best sellers on Ebay. He only sells the best stuff. Ask discostu, AHarris, and of the more knowledgeable members of the Ebay community here on the forum. For God's sake, don't spend $1200+ on a suit and then dismember it. Really.
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You really, honestly, and truly do not need to worry about fake Kiton, Brioni, Attolini etc. Fakes, if they do exist, are many hundreds of times rarer than the real thing. That having been said, theworldsfinest's suits are 100% real. For absolute certain. Please do not cut them open   edit - no there are no signatures on the canvas. There is no need. Anybody with a modicum of experience with handmade suits would spot a fake from a mile away. You can't fake handwork. Unless you are willing to put in a lot of work, by hand. What would be the point??
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I'm telling you, spend the $1200 on English lessons. You'll get better use from them than from the suit. Try the same place ernest did?
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Let's be civil here; I would venture to guess that the average member's Spanish/French/Italian/etc is not half as good as Milano's English. As far as the seller in question, he (Ian) is scrupulously honest and deals with the finest of clothes. I would not question his goods. I have purchesed many items from him and he has been my main access to the world of out-of-this-world (quality and list price) suits and shirts.
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I really like finding Brioni's a couple of places to pick them up: Never bought from this first seller, but I can't imagine the suit would be anything less than perfect. This second seller is probably my most favorite seller, I buy from him all the time.  I actually own this sportcoat, in 42reg:
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dittos above. if you're worried don't buy, but buying from him is 100% authentic
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It would take another Attolini tailor to fake an Attolini. So if, at a rare chance you saw one fake Attolini suit, with all the hand work, Neapolitan shoulder and a perfect roll but a sewn-on Attolini label --- wait a second, isn't that an Attolini suit? On the other hand, if your local tailor could do as good, then you really don't need to buy from eBay. The bottom-line is, don't buy it merely for the label, otherwise we are back to being label-whores again.  If the padding on the shoulders or drape on the chest don't make a slightest difference to you, then you really don't need a Kiton.  However, if there is a suit that displays good handwork on the armhole, buttonhole, etc., superb styling and fits well, I don't think it really matters what the label says.  Of course, learning about fit and styling is another matter.  Buying off-the-rack should be a journey where you learn to tell the difference.  After that, it really doesn't matter if it's Kiton or Attolini.
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Thanks for the replies guys. MikeF, for the record, I can speak and type english just fine. Most often when I type words on a casual topic (not for work etc) then I really do not think about grammas too much. Ah, also i am educated and have taken countless number of eng. classes As for getting Attolini, Brioni suit over custom tailored suit by local tailor, I heard that even master tailors have hard time replicating some of the fine details and quality of these hand made suits. Also, I not afraid to admit that I am label maniac (i do not like to use whore). But I am not keen on mess produced labels such as Prada when it comes to suits. I am going to lean on more prestigeous labels such as Brioni or Attolini. Thanks.
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Thank you to all of the members who spoke so nicely about me and my merchandise. Ian TheWorldsFinest
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