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I've owned a couple of Vanson's and agree with the thought some others have expressed: they're wonderfully built and of terrific quality, but I wouldn't buy one for casual wear.

As with any garment designed to protect a motorcyclist, the leather is very heavy. That, in and of itself, isn't a deal killer, but the cut has always felt odd to me when I'm not in a riding position.

On the occasions that I do grab a riding jacket for casual wear, I use a Dainese. If you can find one that isn't covered with garish graphics, that brand's jackets are pretty comfortable and they are not quite as expensive as Vanson's or Schott's.
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i like the dainese too. I have not been able to find one without the graphics....
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I'm coming into this thread late and doubtless you've made your decision based on the excellent advice already given, but if you are still mulling a MC jacket, definitely check out Langlitz ( Langlitz is probably the nameplate for custom old school leather MC jackets. Expect to pay around $1000 for an awesome custom jacket. As others have said, a true MC jacket is heavy and is proportioned differently from a casual jacket. I have a Langlitz that I will probably be buried in. You can specify light, middle, or heavy weight leather, goatskin, and I think Horsehide. Pockets--up to you. Color--up to you. Padding, epulates, buckles, etc.--it's all up to you. Langlitz even stencils your name and the year of manufacture in the inner pocket. Another thing I really like about a Langlitz is that the zippers are all brass colored. For some reason, I hate steel colored zippers on MC jackets--I think they look cheesy and cheap. But that's just me. Best of all, used Langlitz jackets command big prices on resale.
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