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Alan- good point, but buying retail doesnt always mean a big outlay of cash. when i buy MTM, i generally have to leave a deposit, of say half, when I order. that way im not laying out 1500 at once, but its divided up, making it easier on the wallet. I put money aside all year, then spent it in 2 sessions, one in the fall, one in the spring. Sales shoppers, on the other hand, are often $100 here, $70 there, etc. I think its a 6 of one, half dozen of the other kind of situation.
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Well I guess I'm just a different kind of animal. I can and do spend probably $10-15k on clothing in a year, but still prefer to purchase things on ebay or at discounters for lower prices, just because I do not like to pay retail, and would rather wait for something that I like. Being able to wear RTW stuff w/o alterations for the most part helps alot.
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I'm not sure I really have a philosphy per se. Sometimes I pay full retail, other times I buy from sales (or online/ebay). Basically, I have my wardrobe, and if I see something that will either upgrade or add to it, the article becomes fair game. If the garment is absurdly priced, that simply enters into the equation of whether it's worth the "value" of the piece. I will not rule out a price simply because it's priced at full retail, which I know provides 100%+ margins (everyone has their right to make a profit and I have to determine if the physic income I'll receive from the piece is greater than the real income I'll have to spend to acquire it). Hmmm. I guess that is my philosophy. I stand corrected.
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Buy the best quality at the lowest price. = BARGAIN
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I used to live by a policy of never paying retail, but when you like brands which aren't quite as ubiquitous as Kenneth Cole or DKNY, it gets harder to locate them on sale. I also find that for pants, when the sale time comes around, I find lots of 36, 38, 40s, nothing left in my size. I still do make out pretty well. I will pay full retail for pants that fit me perfectly (as I did with a pair of V&R pants recently), but that's about it. I'm at the point where my closet needs very little, but wants very much, so I can afford to take a wait and see approach and wait for sales.
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Poverty necessitates bargain hunting. Plus, like many of you, I actually enjoy digging through the heaps of garbage to find a "golden nugget". Shopping has become one of my favorite diversions, and I've finally figured out how to finance my hobby by rummaging for others on my study breaks. In terms of my own wardrobe building, I'm slowly adopting the replacement theory. I have a closet and dresser of fixed proportions that only accepts upgrades rather than additions. Its a relatively new philosophy that I've been experimenting with the past six months. So far, moderate success, though the stackable shoe rack has proven to be my downfall.
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