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Caring for a corduroy sports jacket

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I recently bought a dark brown corduroy sports jacket from H&M the other day. It fit me surprisingly well (I'm 5'7", size 36, 28" waist) and the price was absurdly low. I'm shocked that I can can wear this without the liberal arts college English professor-look. And all it needed was a bit off the sleeves. This is the first corduroy sports jacket I have ever owned.

How do I take care of it? Should I brush it and steam it after every wear, as I would a wool jacket? Should I dry clean it more or less often compared to my wool jackets?
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H&M jackets are ok quality, so I doubt (even with care) that it will last beyond two seasons of wear. But than again, that is kind of the point. When it wears out, you just buy a new one, since they are so cheap.
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speaking of brown corduroy sportscoats, I just bought one at Macy's as a kick around weekend coat, and was really impressed with the ctyle and cut

most corduroy is frumpy looking with wide piping and a 50 yr old's cut (wide waist) and low 2 buttons (the academic look) but this one has silk in the weave, is cut slim like Trofeo Zegna suits I own and fits great - and it's 50% off until tomorrow for those interested (warning: make sure to downsize it - I'm usually a 44 and I fit perfectly in a 42)


sure, it's an 'Alfani' (cue the fashion police), but for a corduroy sportcoat, it's better style wise and constuction quality than any I've seen for twice the price at Banana Republic, JCrew, Gap or anywhere else

I saw an outfit on Sartorialist (below) and wanted to recreate ithe look by replacing the linen or silk sportcoat the guy is wearing with corduroy which works better in the Bay area and I'm happy with the result

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