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To all avid ebayers...

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No pizza for me this week fellahs, so here is something else to chew on. (much less exciting, I know ) I have posted it here to grab the attention of all for productive purposes... New Jersey Man Falls For Online TV Scam Aug 28, 2004 12:59 pm US/Eastern (1010 WINS) (LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga.) Andrew Aquilini thought he snagged a great bargain for a 52-inch plasma screen television on eBay. Instead he ended up paying $2,000 for a 52-inch photograph of a TV set. Aquilini, 51, of Edison, N.J., said he was enraged when the photograph arrived at his home, and e-mailed the seller, 18-year-old Brian J. Kim, for an explanation. "He said I should have known that the advertisement was for a picture of a television," Aquilini said. Kim, of Buford, was arrested Thursday at Phoenix High School and charged with theft by deception for allegedly cheating at least three people with the TV photographs, Gwinnett County police Cpl. Dan Huggins said. Kim was being held Friday in lieu of $5,600 bail. "He felt he did not do anything wrong because he put the word `picture' in the ad," police Sgt. Bill Jack of the financial crime unit said. Christian Farris, 40, of Sedalia, Mo., said he also thought he had found a real deal when he encountered the ad on the Internet with a $1,600 price tag, a fraction of the high-end set's typical cost. Instead, he received the large photo. "I was floored. What am I going to do with a picture of a TV?" Farris said. Aquilini, Farris and another purchaser from Pelham in southwest Georgia all complained to eBay, which forwarded the information to Gwinnett police.
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It's almost brilliant.
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If there was ever a reason for a public hanging, this would be it. Hanging of the kid, not the picture.
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Can I hang the guy who somehow sniped me just now for an Etro suit auction after I had sniped with my own 3 second bid?
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Can I hang the guy who somehow sniped me just now for an Etro suit auction after I had sniped with my own 3 second bid?  
What sniper software are you using and what is he? What are the more popular ones? I only know esnipe as its a friend of mine. JJF
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I don't know about that guy, but I'm using the patented "I have no life and can spend a Saturday evening repeatedly reloading an auction for the final 10 minutes and place my bid with 3 seconds left" software. It's generally worked well for me until tonight.
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I'd be curious to see exactly what the ebay listing says. I imagine that one could blatantly say "picture of television" and still get bidders who don't read carefully. Reminds me of the episode of the Family Guy where Peter goes to buy a boat...
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Plasma TV's are a very high-risk item when you buy from unknown sellers. Right up there with Hermes bags. Lotsa scams running on those sort of items.
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"sniping software?"
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There was a very similar scam a while back, this guy sold like thirty photographs of Playstation 2 video game systems for three hundred bucks a piece when they first hit the market at $400. I believe he actually won his court case though, because nobody who bid on the auction actually read the item description where he stated the auction was for a lifesize color photograph of said PS2. I remember that every time I bid on something, and read the whole page top to bottom.
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"sniping software?" Submits your bid by computer in the last possible moment. JJF
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Quote: Submits your bid by computer in the last possible moment. JJF
The secret is out It's very effective, though the suckers have started charging for the service.
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I've used Auction Sniper before.
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Well, you have to give points to the kid for originality. And then you should persecute him to the full extent of the law. Jon.
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I'm sick and tired of people who use the 'technically legal' excuse. We used to have a justice system, now it is a legal system and the golden rule seems to be do unto others before they do unto you. The guy is a scumbag. If you read the fine print you'd find out he is a scumbag who is technically correct, but still a scumbag. ...actually that is unfair to bags of scum.
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