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I'm 21 and NOW I start geting bumps after shaving!?! What do I do?

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I just shaved, and there were a bunch of bumps waiting for me at the end of the shave. What the hell!?

I've been shaving for four years, and haven't had bumps show up after shaving, why is it starting now?

Also, if I get bumps, then wouldn't they show up some time AFTER shave rather than RIGHT AFTER shaving?

What do I do?

How do I get rid of these clustered lumps of hideousness?
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Basic questions:
  • What are you shaving with?
  • How are you shaving?
  • Is there anything different or new about your shaving regimen?
  • Did you hit puberty late?
  • Are you black?
  • What do the bumps look like?
Plenty of things can cause bumps. You need to be more descriptive.
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1. I shave with a gillette mach 3 razor, and nivea gel. I then have a beard trimmer to touch up the patch of hair I leave on my chin.

2. How? I put on the gel, shave the hair off with the razor, sharpen the chin hair edges with a beard trimmer, then wash off the remaining gel.

3. Nope. I've been doing this exact routine for about a year now.

4. No, I don't think so.

5. Yes.

6. They are small and fine. They look like whiteheads in the early stage of development. Maybe like goosebumps with a pussball at the end?
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Originally Posted by greatfire View Post
They look like whiteheads in the early stage of development. Maybe like goosebumps with a pussball at the end?

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Your hair is probably getting closer to being fully adult (21 isn't necessarily past all the puberty developments). Black guys have naturally coarser and much curlier hair than other ethnic groups, especially in America where shaving products are basically designed for white guys. A Mach 3 or any multi blade cartridge razor is going to shave roughly and too close to be anywhere near gentle enough, and with your hair, it will inevitably give you tons of bumps and whiteheads from ingrown hairs: basically, they get cut too short, the coarse, curly hair curls under the irritated skin, and you get tons of painful bumps. Over time, this can lead to very bad facial scarring which is only more pronounced because of your skin pigment (keloids). Remedy is pretty simple, really (assuming you don't want to grow a huge beard, which can be kind of awesome). Buy some good shaving cream (Everyman Jack from Target if you're on a budget or something nicer like an English cream from menessentials if you're not). Most importantly, buy a dual edge razor and learn to use it. You'll almost certainly cut yourself the first time, but even then, it'll probably still be better than any shave you could ever get from a cartridge razor. That should probably fix everything, but if it doesn't, there are DE razors specifically designed for this like the Bump Fighter, which is basically a shallower DE razor. Hope that helps (this guide might too).
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Your razor is fine. You should use a better shaving cream (I use kiehls) and alcohol-free aftershave (I use kiehls too).

Before shaving be sure you leave the shaving area wet (preferably after a warm shower) before applying the cream. You may want to consider pre-shave oil too (which is a bit warm and helps prepare the skin and hair for shaving).

Using a facial scrub (exfoliating) while showering helps in preparing the hair and skin for shaving as well. has alot of information and products related to shaving and other body care. They also have some products made specifically for black skin (which is prone to razor bumps).

Edit: Arethusa beat me to it.
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Were the bumps there when you applied your shave cream/gel? If they weren't then you might be having a mild reaction. Just because you've used something for a while doesn't mean it will work for you forever.

If they were there when you slathered on your cream/gel, then you might check into either how you're washing your face, or your aftershave. You might need something antiseptic, like Witch Hazel, in your after-shave. There are a few decent ones at your local mega-mart.
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I have the same problem. I can't shave with a razor and you probably shouldn't either. I shave with sharp trimmers/clippers.
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+1 on double edge razor. mach 3s are just irritation machines. the fewer blades, the better the shave.
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Be careful or you'll wind up with Kordell Stewart face. Take care it doesn't scar.
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I used to get red bumps on my neck after I shaved too but after doing a little research, I learned how to prevent it.

Here's what I do:

- use hot water to wet face (best time is right after a shower)
- rub the shaving cream in for about 45 seconds
- shave with the grain
- reapply shaving cream
- shave it again
- rinse the shaved area with cold water for around 30 seconds
- dry face but leave a little moist
- apply Trumpers coral skin food

Rinsing my face with cold water then applying the skin food after shaving is what helped me the best to get rid of the red bumps. It may seem kind of pricey, but a few drops will do and one bottle will last a loooong time.
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Sounds like pretty normal shaving rash, often the exposed follicles get a bit of bacteria and rapidly form whiteheads.

Generally I only get it on the moustache, so I trim that with the electric, do my chin with the beard trimmer and shave the rest of my face manually. Weird method, but shaving is all about what works for you.
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Anytime I've gotten bumps, I've been able to get rid of them by making sure to soak my face with a steaming hot washcloth and hold it on for a few minutes. Constantly resoak it with hot water to soften the skin/hairs. Then make sure to rub in the shaving cream very well and let it sit for a minute before shaving.

Seems to work for me.
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Tend Skin is amazing stuff, I highly recommend it.
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Any info on how to use/get a DE razor?
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