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I will say i was kind of in a similar situation a few years ago when I felt like BR stuff fit me the best so I went with it even though I knew the qualityt was poor, but in the last few years I've found that there are plenty of higher qulity brands that are cut as good with better fabrics and quality.

I haven't bought a BR shirt in quite a few years, but I remember at the time they were starting to get cut fuller and fuller to the point that even a small was way to baggy a fit for me.

I've ended up with quite a few shirts from a maker "Eton". They are made well and to me are cut better fitting than BR shirts and use better fabrics and manufacturing methods, though they are not as nice as some of the highest end shirts. Best of all I've been able to buy all of mine on sale for around the same price as BR shirts (about 80 bucks). I also have shirts by Zegna which are cut nicely, and again while expensive, can be found a few times a year on discount. There's also a Z Zegna line which tend to have more modern slimmer cuts, but again are expensive when not on discount. I haven't had great luck with my Borrelli shirts as far as cut. I've found them to be snug in the chest and full in the waist, and have had to size up and then dart the back in the shirts I've found on sale. The only other shirts I have that I will mention are Etro dress shirts which are cut slim at times.
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hey ejquin, i have not heard of this brand and wondered what stores or websites you can buy these shirts from? thanks.
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I've gotten all mine at Saks, but just to be clear, these are not the slimmest shirts around, just the ones that fit me best. I have broad shoulders, but a narrow waist, and like my shirts slim. The Eton shirts seem to fit me best of the OTR shirts I've tried. I tried a Barba shirt recently that fit nicely in the body, and it was definitely slimmer, and had amazing handwork and fabrics, but it was just too small in the shoulders and chest area, and so I would have had to size up and the larger size did not fit well.
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Benetton is the most stupid fashion brand ever....

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BR straight dress pants fit fairly true to size. The other stuff... not so much. I don't understand any company that sells dress shirts in s-m-l sizes.
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a-rock.....thanks for that.....i'll check out the slim fit option on the suits.

and yes...i am a seinfeld fan.

thanks all for the replies.....
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