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Hi, What's the opinion on the designer Dirk Bikkembergs? Any general info, and the quality of his garments? Also where are they sold? Thank you.
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They sell it at Saks, and I think Barneys (not positive about that.) Not really my type of style, so I can't comment on the quality from any personal experience.
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Who is a Dirk Bikkembergs man, you ask? From Fashion Windows:
A man who can play soccer in formal clothing and attend a gala in activewear. The Dirk Bikkembergs' man is not afraid to wear the dark blue silk pinstripe suit with pants shortened to reveal athletic legs.  
I suspect "the Dirk Bikkembergs' man" is an idiot.   This makes me curious, though, as to what this stuff looks like - there's a little of it on Yoox, but nothing particularly distinguished.
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