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Ebay seller

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Have any of you bought anything from the Ebay seller Kittobobitty? If so, how was the experience? Is he/she an honest seller? I ask because I won an auction twenty days ago, made payment by Paypal two days later(with the two-day delay due only to the seller sending me the invoice only two days after the end of the auction), and to this day have not received the item, which was said would be sent by USPS Priority Mail with insurance.
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I have dealt with them in four or five auctions and have not had any appreciable problems.
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Wonder what the problem is in my case...could they be unhappy with the final bid amount?
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i bought 2 pair of pants from them and they shipped asap.
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It seems that this is probably out of the ordinary for this seller...thanks fellows.
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I know Mike personally, (in fact, I got him started on ebay) and he is completely honest. Must be lost in the mail...
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I may know some more info too, as I recently bought from this seller. I got an email saying shipping would be delayed due to the seller's 10th wedding anniversary vacation. The email said they would be back and would start shipping again today (8/30/04). I've bought from them before -- they're good and reliable.
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