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What do you mean?
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My usage extends from this meaning:
A song by an artist that only true fans of said artist will enjoy/know. True gems that are found later in an album, a b-side. Rarely if ever played on the radio.
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Rhyme yup like you said its common knowledge how everything happened here and why.

It just blows my mind how so many intelligent americans bury their heads in the sand and actually prefer talking about groping comments. The media drives the narrative there in such a ridiculous way and even those who think theyre above it really arent.

Anyway, the policies of the US are clearly acknowledged in all the writings and statemenrs ever since the bush administration.

For christs sake the whole publically announced strategy of the neocons was for all this to happen, even before 9/11.

The invasion of iraq has no sense and no reason except to spark the shiite sunni conflict and have it burn iran and syria.

Syria was next on chopping block and i think it always was but you have to take into account the 2006 war that israel couldnt win against hezballah, which hastened the need to get rid of assad.

Its perfectly clear if someone gets their head out of their ass. Theyre so conditioned to yell conspiracy theory they dont look at whats right in front of them.

Bandar ben sultans role in islamists and terrorists support is well known and he was Bush best friend and called bandar bush.

US supported islamists in afghanistan which started the jihadi movement.
US supported islamist jihadis in bosnia as well.
Its the same old dirty policies of american foreign policy.
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Originally Posted by hendrix View Post

Well there's a difference between corrupt "democratic" elections and a monarchy.

I would argue the firstt is better than the second, personally
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Originally Posted by Fuuma View Post

I'm not sure where the comparison between a right-wing authoritarian dictator with a very effective repressive apparatus and a middle of the ground authoritarian monarch with some good spying shit going on comes from. I mean I know but they aren't nearly the same level of brutality, Abdullah isn't at Hassan II (of Morocco) level but maybe like his son MomoVI (of gay cruising fame).

Well of course theyre not but then again theyre subjected to an infinitely disproportionate level of threat as well.

Like i said jordan has the protection of saudi arabia and israel and the US which means that keeps in check 90 percent of islamists. He pretty much has nothing to worry about except some security monitoring which used to be assads case as well.

Anyway, id love to see a model of where the US attacked its enemies in a way that didnt inflict tremendous civilian losses. Japan? Vietnam? Afghanistan? Germany? Iraq? Which somehow everyone expects assad to do.
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Alan, you know you sound like a crazy person, right?

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In terms of the Beirut 1982-1983 timeline, how far are we along in Yemen? I think there is still time for us to call this a mistake and walk away.
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Who is us? Are you Saudi? 

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Originally Posted by ethanm View Post

Alan, you know you sound like a crazy person, right?

Invading Iraq to eventually destabilize the region and thus weaken Iran is quite the long con.
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Originally Posted by ethanm View Post

Who is us? Are you Saudi? 

Im an American. You know, the country that bombed Yemen today.


I do realize that, yesterday, we were pretending that we weren't involved in Yemen. But, seriously, you are still pretending? Well, I suppose you can always be counted on to regurgitate yesterday's talking points.
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I'm kind of curious why the Houthis are trying to shoot missiles at American ships. Why would Iran even have given them anti-ship missiles in the first place if not to shoot at US ships? Interesting game from those two parties.

You'd have to assume they want to draw the US into conflict in Yemen. Why poke the bear otherwise?
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Iran really, really doesn't like our ships. We've been in an intermittent shooting war with them for 30 years or so. They don't need any particular reason to pick a fight with us or take pot shots when they think they can get away with it.
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Originally Posted by ethanm View Post

Alan, you know you sound like a crazy person, right?

Well the USA is the most dangerous and brutal state by far. You guys just love to deploy your new tech and kill a lot of people. That you're doing it in a civilized/yay human rights way really doesn't do much for all the dead people...

Of course that's a general statement of consequences and I strongly disagree with Alan on the specifics of neo-cons -was the philosophy ever that important in Bush II gov? I believe it has been greatly overstated a little bit like the Shia Sunni divisions lines in various countries- implementation of various stated strategies, on the differences between Assad and Abdullah, hell probably even on what to do now that the whole thing is going on in Syria and elsewhere. I'm also probably a lot more pro-Kurd than most here etc etc.
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Ethan, i really dont. Of course i dont have a seat on putin and bush tables but what i say makes much more sense and fits everything way more than the frankly naive way of thinking that you seem to embrace.

You just dont know how things really work here honestly and how easily the groups here are pawns that can be moved with one phone call.

I could tell you how actively the US embassy was involved in the 2005 lebanese protests, subsequent elections, and mundane details that you woukdnt believe. And it would be first hand knowledge.
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re: iraq and iran, you do know that in the 80s the US supported and armed and pushed Saddam in his sunni shiite conflict against Iran, right?
Its not the first time it has used the countries as battlegrounds against eachother.

Anyway, ive yet to hear a coherent explanation for the US foreign policy from another perspective:
Seems it is:

1- We went to iraq as an oopsie, sorry.

2- Bashar Assad is an evil vampire who just wants to bomb people

3- Were supporting the opposition because he repressed them. Then again Bahrain actually called over military and police from Dubai and Saudi to repress theirs, but thats ok because Assad is a vampire remember.

4- Oh and were not supporting the opposition in Yemen even though Hadi's term was even freaking expired, actually were arming the saudis so they can bomb civilians there just like what were blaming Assad for doing.

5- Oh and btw Assad shouldnt kill civilians when fighting terrorists even though weve done the same in every war weve fought.

6- We just want to spread freedom guys
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