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Originally Posted by FLMountainMan View Post

Serious question - why does Israel get so much shit for the way it treats its Muslims, but China is completely let off the hook? We hear claims from the left that Israel is committing genocide (which in light of the Palestinians' six-fold population increase since the founding of Israel is somewhat hard to take seriously), yet China treats its Muslims far worse.

Is it:
The Middle East gets much more media coverage than East China
Israel is small so an easy target for bullying
It's kind of hard to "divest" yourself of holding in Chinese companies

Or some combination of the above.

Well, I recently got bombed because of terrorists fighting for the uyghurs, so someone cares I guess.
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Maybe because the US has been deeply involved in the ME for years and has strong military,financial and cultural ties with Israel in particular? East China ,not so much?

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Originally Posted by alan View Post

How does israel get shit? It is expanding and settling people outside of its internationally recognized borders and is basically trying to demographically change jerusalem and all land it has invaded.

There are numerous UN resolutions that call for its withdrawal from Syria and palestinian lands and the return of palestinian refugees to the homes they own.

Yet those resolutions are never applied nor talked about.

It also has a nuclear arsenal that everyone chooses to turn a blind eye on.

It doesnt get any shit at all.

All countries that have done any of this have been militarily attacked or have sanctions imposed on them.

It is a frozen conflict between a country of Israel and bunch of stateless arab tribes. It is not even international conflict because there is no other country involved directly in this situation. UN might as well decide to make Paris or Berlin a capital of Gypsies state just cause gypsies had a camp in a suburbs and berried bunch of babies there.
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Originally Posted by FLMountainMan View Post

So you feel equally as scornful of, say, England, Ireland, Greece, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, China, Samoa, and every third world Muslim country?

In other news, lots of old men shout at clouds, so we should hate clouds.

I see. So UN resolutions are old men shouting at clouds, and university teachers boycotting is the tragedy of the 21st century.
Many would argue they are given the very consideration that they deserve.

And yet all other resolutions are given much more consideration?
Can you elaborate on this? What exactly would be a satisfactory level of attention to be paid to Israel's nuclear capability?

At the very least, the same one given to the american one? signing the non proliferation treaty (along with pakistan an india), actually having the international community inspect or have knowledge of the program.

Other countries have been bombed to hell because Colin Powell had fake satellite photos of a nigerian truck carrying uranium.
Aside from the UN resolutions you mentioned above, widespread boycott/divestiture campaigns against Israeli companies, near-constant terrorist attacks, an invasion every couple of decades, and the universal scorn of academia. Aside from that, yeah, they don't get any shit at all.

Yes, thats all very tragic. Israeli companies are making less profit because of local boycotts. It may even be more tragic than uni teachers not liking them. Those palestinians are sure lucky not to be in israelis shoes. Imagine how hard life must be when some american uni teachers boycott and dont like you.

An invasion? Oh you mean throwing rocks (or katyushya rockets while israel bombs them with their arsenal) by people who live in territories where israelis shouldnt be and arent even included in their internationally recognized borders?
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I agree with Alan; Jews deserve to die.
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Not sure how you got from alan's post confused.gif

This is a good thread , please don't ruin it with this topic that's been discussed elsewhere ad nauseam
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Just spoke with someone who's recently come back from Jordan (for research) and he said from what he hears there a lot of Syrians are traveling back home, something to the tune of 100-200 per day are leaving the kingdom.
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BBC News mentioned the same a week or so ago.

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The russian strikes have started to have a noticeable effect on the ground. A usually reliable expert has estimated that they have incapaciated (killed injured or made them flee or surrender) 10k fighters already, as opposed to 1.2k for 14 monthes of the american coalition.
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But which 10k? Free Syrian army, AQ, IS or ?

Is it a succes if they are all FSA warrior and Syria ends up back at square 1, just bombed into the stone ages.
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Originally Posted by Find Finn View Post

But which 10k? Free Syrian army, AQ, IS or ?

Is it a succes if they are all FSA warrior and Syria ends up back at square 1, just bombed into the stone ages.

Every map I've seen of Russian air strikes have them concentrated in rebel-controlled territory in the west with only a handful against ISIS.
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Russia is good at indiscriminately killing people. What a surprise.
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Apparently americans now get upset if someone bombs alqaeda
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Thread Starter 

Americans get upset when other people are conducting bombing campaigns counter to our interests. 


The entire opposition isn't al-Qa'ida. Stop it. 

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^ no, but the most effective and well-trained part of it
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