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No, it's really not. 

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Let me get your train of thought correct. If a sympathizer pledges his allegiance to x and does something claiming to be x, it's not affiliate or even partially related to x. If they take the credit for it, if goes well, essentially making it an X attack.

This wouldn't be an x attack as you see it, am I correct?
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My train of thought is that all attacks thus far in the name of the Islamic State have received no official instructions, training, or support from the Islamic State. I don't see that changing. There is a lot of unnecessary handwringing about terrorism.


This is a difference between ISIS and AQ. ISIS has staked their legitimacy on the taking and holding of territory whereas AQ has always been more nebulous and more concerned with striking the West than creating an emirate or caliphate. When ISIS announced it's "caliphate" it really through AQ for a loop. AQ talks of emirate and caliphates before that were always kind of aspirational with the tone that it's never going to actually happen. 

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Handwringing about terror is really pointless as you can't do shit about it, it's not like you can jump out of moving buss or train, if someone decides to blow it up, while you are onboard, if you die like that you die like that.

We all know it's going to happen, but not when and where, which essentially is the meaning of terror(izing).
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The scariest thing is any alienated depressed young person with internet access can find "meaning" in radical Islam and proceed to go blow up some innocents. The old action movies where the Chechen guy has to go to lengths with disguises and forged documents to get to NYC or wherever didnt really get it right.
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At least in Scandinavia becoming alienated is something you have made yourself, everyone has the possibilities when it comes to school, housing etc. All students have free education even at uni, all students over 18 gets money from the government, so you can live while studying and we have cheap housing for students, so there's no reason for you to fail, other than lack of will.

The biggest threat to european society long term isn't terror or the threat there of, but our societies buckling under the pressure of the wellfare states and too many unemployed people, combined with rising extremism.

Some experts have started talking about a new recession or going back into recession, due to investors loosing trust in the markets, partly as a result of the immigrant crisis, but also China etc.

Most countries are just out of the last recession and southern ones like Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal are not even close to being out of the woods. They can't sustain another influx of unemployment, as they haven't been able to save up funds to support their population through the last 7ish years of recession and by no means the thousands/millions of new residents, they are also going to have enormous issues creating infrastructure such as schools and homes.

If we go back into recession, things are going to get really interesting, really quick.
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this is getting way off topic , but I am skeptical of what you say for a few reasons. Previously you lumped France into the examples of poor integration and I know from first and second hand experience that French society doesn't take well to even 2nd+ generation migrants particularly of N. African decent. i've had enough run-ins with authorities there to know this, and never due to any wrongdoing on my part. So while yes they are afforded certain acomodations that, all else being equal, should lead to potentiation of success , there is inherent bias against them, be it through job applications or even things as simple as going to government agencies to have paperwork filled out. The amount of harassment they experience is really a huge impediment to proper integration. Now, I'm not sure how exactly this plays out in Scandinavia, but Sweden (Goteborg) was the only place on Earth I've been referred to as a "nigger" when my uncle introduced me to a Swedish friend of his, which is a weird first reaction to have when initially meeting someone. And France isn't on your list of imploding economics, but it wouldn't be a surprise to see it become the next big collapse.
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Lol ethan that thing about lebanese ministers is probably the only thing we can all agree on.

I was having a conversation with a usually reliable army intelligence officer who mentioned that the latest influx of refugees was orchestrated on a state level and that they received info that the smugglers had all received a certain green light at the same time period to start a massive operation. I understood the state to be referring to turkey.

Also the percent figure from the minister was out of his ass but they have a lot of names of isis/nusra fighters that have left camps and went to europe among refugees.
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Originally Posted by the shah View Post


I have moved my answer to the thread about immigrant in Europe, as it's better suited for that thread.

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Reports IS former leader in Tel Abyad defected and is with JN now. And another IS leader defected and Ahrar agreed to let him enter 2 syria

So it begins. 
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Ortadoğu'da olanın özeti

Ortadoğu'da yaşananları anlatan ilginç çizgi film...

Posted by Ertem Şener on Thursday, August 20, 2015

Or go here: https://www.facebook.com/ertemsener/videos/1113649055342710/?fref=nf
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Clash of Clans Middle East.
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Well, that is certainly something. 

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I'm afraid to post about the HRW report about Iranian militias destroying Tikrit because it might attract rhyme. 


But... that happened.

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Originally Posted by ethanm View Post

I'm afraid to post about the HRW report about Iranian militias destroying Tikrit because it might attract rhyme. 

But... that happened.

ive skimmed through the document, where do you see iranian militias ? i spotted iraqi shi'i ones, funded and armed by US and Iran (modified soviet crap) but not direct forces from that country

I mean, it wouldn't surprise me, but I've just not seen it
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