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I strongly dislike utility kilts and the like; nothing beats a heavyweight wool kilt from Scotland.
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So, last year, one of my bigger clients was a platinum sponsor for an outing benefitting the Scottish Rite Hospital.

I was playing on their golf team and the decision was made to wear kilts... A "Kilts for Kids" thing. Our tee off time was 10:30... the problem... I had to be in court that same day at 9:00.

I knew I would not have time to change sooo....

I go off to court in kilt, the socks and tassels... white dress shirt with tie and jacket (have to adhere to decorum after all).

The judge calls our case, gives a perfunctory good morning.. looks up.. looks down.. looks up with his eyes wide open and I greet him with a ...

"Top of the mornin' ye Honor."

Yes.. I prevailed on my motion that day.
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How the fuck has piobaire not posted in this thread yet?
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because it is from 6 years ago
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Originally Posted by brittain View Post
because it is from 6 years ago

piobaire is, 6?
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Originally Posted by gorgekko View Post
My regiment's dress uniform -- I'm Canadian -- included a kilt. Wearing underwear -- if you were discovered -- would see you buy the entire regiment a beer in the mess. That meant, of course, marching on Remembrance Day with only a kilt...November is never warm in Ontario.

What Highlander unit are you with? Im in the midst of joining 1stNSH res, before going reg in a couple years.
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The Vestiarium Scoticum is still being taken seriously? Let the Japanese have their kilts I say. "idea of distinguishing the clans by their tartans is but a fashion of modern date . . ." -- Sir Walter Scott. Thank you wikipedia.
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