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Custom suit alterations

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I found four custom suits at a local consignment shop today. The maker is not indicated, fabric is by Holland & Sherry, Super 180s wool. The label inside the breast pocket indicates who they were tailored for and when, 8/2003. They look new and there are no defects I could detect. The fabrics are: classic navy, charcoal, charcoal grey with a closely spaced olive stripe, and a medium blue faille. They have all been marked down to $66 each. Here is my problem, although the jackets fit me, a 46XL, there is a slight horizontal ripple on the back just below the collar on two the jackets when I am wearing them. Is this something my tailor can fix? Next, the sleeves are slightly too long, as the sleeve buttons are operable, and there is approx 1.5" from the sleeve end to the first button hole. How much can I have the sleeves shortened? Thank you for your consideration and your replys. Teo
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everything i say is subject to correction by someone who actually knows what they're talking about: the horizontal ripple can probably be taken in at the collar seam. assuming it doesn't feel too tight across the shoulders, what the ripple is an indication of is too much material in the vertical dimension. dunno how much can be taken out from the cuff before it looks funny - i'm sure someone else knows though. maybe 1/2"-3/4"? however, if it's not enough, a tailor should be able to remove the sleeves and take out the extra length at the shoulder end. that sounds like a great find, congratulations. four suits in one fell blow, we should all be so lucky. /andrew ps - that must have been a big dude whose clothes you're wearing.
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Sounds like a great find. The horizontal ripple happens all the time and can easily be repaired for about $20-30 (per jacket) by a tailor. As for the sleeves, they should not be a problem either. Even if you need the sleeves shortened a significant amount, it should be possible for a good tailor to shorten sleeves from the top, where the sleeve joins the shoulder. If you don't know a good tailor, either (i) open your yellow pages and pick the one that sounds like he does custom work (and doesn't also make keys and do shoe repairs); and/or (ii) go to your local Nordstroms, etc. and ask their tailor who he'd recommend (he might even moonlight for you). The point is, the alterations you're talking about are pretty minor. $66 is a steal for a good suit made with that fabric. Probably tossed out by an ex-wife ticked off about how much her (now ex-) husband was spending on clothes, etc....
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Probably tossed out by an ex-wife ticked off about how much her (now ex-) husband was spending on clothes, etc....
Yes, I'm wondering which Goodwill or Salvation Army is the one where Halle Berry dropped off her ex-husband's wardrobe.
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