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Fragrances online sellers

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G'day, today's discussion about perfumes in askandy forum makes me interested in Creed. Does anyone have recommendation for discount online sellers? I also read from previous archive about www.scentiments.com and www.perfumebay.com. Do they carry fresh inventory, btw, as opposed to some older ones that might lost some scent already?
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I have bought from Perfumebay.  The product didn't seem to be any different from or inferior to the same product which I bought at a brick-and-mortar store.
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banksmiranda, thanks for the info. Mind if I ask what product did you buy from them? Did you happen to purchase some Creeds from them?
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Don't mind at all.  I bought Versace's Blue Jeans from Perfumebay, though I had bought it at another(don't remember which) department some time before, so I knew what I would be getting.  I haven't bought anything by Creed yet.  Creed is rather expensive, so I think that I'll wait until I can at least smell it at someplace like Neiman Marcus.  I am interested in Creed's Erolfa, Green Irish Tweed, and Himalaya.  I am also interested in Acqua di Parma, Bijan, and Kiton(by Bijan) fragrances?  Any opinions? Fragrances seem like eyeglass frames - there are innumerable brands.  Which would you recommend? And how about Crown Perfumery's products and Clive Christian No. 1(by Crown Perfumery, ~$2500)?
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FregranceNet This was recommended in the GQ forum, but I've never bought anything there myself....
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