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About to upload new shoes and outerwear...

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finally got pix of all outerwear except for a few pieces i sent out to someone to check out. also got 140 pair of dino certo shoes from scott and co. they'll be up in an hour or so, but the sheet is at: images are: lemme know what you think
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i think i wish i had some more money in my wallet. you've got shoes in my size. DAMN YOU.
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Some good lookin stuff, DiscoStu. Could you tell us anything about Dino Certo? Some of those shoes look nice (more italian than I generally lean) But I can't say I've heard of the brand.
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maybe aharris can weigh in, i just know that a few years ago i bought 2 pair of certo penny loafers, blue suede and brown suede and love them. i got the inventory from scott and co. and dino does their shoe department. hand made in italy, and there were some great basics like monks, laceups, WT's etc. if these work out, he has other places he does the shoe dept, but i wanted to see how they work. honestly i really like them, but maybe AH knows a bit more.
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if yoiu're on the site, and it's slow, the computer guy is amending a few things, so bear w/ me
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Of the pictures, my favorites are of your dogs and of your new G-wagon. Nice truck. Some really great clothes there too. By the way, of the belts you have Lance, I've never heard of the brands. Do you have any background on them?
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Any news on the complete suit upload? Also, are you going to give us first offer rights before you list to save some ebay fees?
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i didn't upload the suits b/c: 1. no pix 2. i sent about 10 out to a particular person to let him pick thru them.  i believe he said he kept 5-7 but he couldn't remember.  he's sending them back today and i'll get pix this weekend and they'll be up monday hopefully belts: i have no history, honestly. i really love most of them. my source has excellent taste in his selections
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How about the first offer part?
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I thought I'd commented on the Certo's already, hope this is not too late... Certo shoes are pretty nice. Dino works with a few different factories in Italy to produce his own line, which he sells in shoe concessions inside top men's stores all over the LA area. Quality is pretty good - comparable perhaps to Gravati. Mostly Blake-stitched shoes. He does a lot of great looking models. At the price Lance is selling them for, I'd definitely recommend that you pick up a few pair.
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