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La zetagi pants

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Hi, I have 5 pairs of La Zetagi slacks (flat front, no cuffs, straight leg). I buy them in one particular shop in Holland, but I haven't seems them anywhere else. Does anybody know about them? The quality/construction is very comparable to Incotex (I could not see any differences between the Incotex I bought from Ebay and my La Zetagi pants) Prices are between 100-200 USD....
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Hi Solaritas, welcome to the forum. Good to have another Nederlander around. As for the La Zentagi pants comparison, I find Incotexs far far superior. Which "line" of Incotex are you comparing them to? Informale/Formale/Satoriale? Also within the groupings are huge variations, and to add another level of complexity, the Incotexs found in the States seem to be a level below that which is available in Italy. The only Incotexs that I find comparable to Zentagi are the lowest level of the Informale line. Zentagi does not have the hand stitched pockets/fly that is found on the Formale line, and the waistbands of some of the Formale are "curtained" whilst Zentagis are not.
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Hi Solaritas, It's nice to see another dutch man here, wees welkom. (be welcome)
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