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Garden state

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Garden State. This movie is amazing. I won't say anything else about it, because I went to see it without knowing a single thing as to what it was about, and I was pleasantly surprised. I've heard it compared to Lost in Translation (which I own, but haven't watched yet - I should do so), so if you like that movie, definitely see Garden State. Anyone else see this yet?
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I'll second the recommendation, with the caveat that I wasn't as taken with the movie as I expected to be. That's faint criticism, though; it's a pretty great movie. As far as the Lost in Translation comparison, I'd compare the two in terms of my approach to both movies. I'd heard they were fantastic before they were released, went to them with VERY high expectations, and came out... satisfied. No more, no less. Garden State is much more down-to-earth, less cerebral than LiT. It is not Kevin Smith jersey-fied, which is good. But it's not as effective as LiT on a "thoughtful film level." That said, I enjoyed both, and recommend both. I'll reaffirm my recommendation for Napoleon Dynamite, though. I saw it again, and I still choked on my butter-like-substance-coated popcorn laughing. The audience was completely different than the first time I saw it; very young and giggly. Credit MTV marketing. Alright, done my overdue, impromptu movie review. Phew. Sorry to VMan for not adhering to his "see Garden State with no predilections" idea.
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J, Please ban Shoreman for not liking Garden State as much as I did, and for tarnishing my image as movie-recommender. I've heard that Napoleon Dynamite is excellent, my friend has seen it and is always talking about it. I need to catch that one before it leaves theaters.
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Irma Vep was a very fine film. Very fine.
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I LOVED Garden State. I highly recommend it. Although I do think LiT is better
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