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FCS, I spoke with Chris at 770-427-2947. I'm not certain who works where, or the distribution of the shoes geographically. I'd exchanged emails with last week (Chris said that goes to him), then spoke with him this past Thursday. Again, I'm not EXACTLY certain what I'm getting, but he said a plain captoe in a color similar to AE's chili in a US 11. He said he'd email when shipped, but has not yet. Also, I'm paying by credit card and my card has yet to be charged. So, I'm crossing my fingers it all goes alright - I trust it will, from the other testimonials to Bennie's service. Try that number, good luck. Man, if I added up the purchases I've made after finding out about sales/finds on this forum... also, gotta stop posting when tipsy, thought I got over that in college...
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Just spoke to Chris and he said all that he has left is size 11 are loafers (and I don't wear loafers). Ach... Shoreman, if somehow your shoes don't work, could you let me know? Is there anyone else who want to resell their Grenson in size 11? (Brown is preferred, but I won't rule out black).
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Just spoke to Chris and he said all that he has left is size 11 are loafers (and I don't wear loafers). Ach... Shoreman, if somehow your shoes don't work, could you let me know? Is there anyone else who want to resell their Grenson in size 11?
Your plight sounded so serious that I stopped by Bennie's on Piedmont and carefully checked the size 11 rack. I saw two Grensons. They have a black Stowe (see and a Grenson Masterpiece that looks just like an Edward Green Dover in black in a quite small grain leather with a dianite sole in your size. Apparently, the Dover is the favorite EG model of most panel members, but that style of shoe is not my personal cup of tea; I only like more the traditional English style, like wingtips, cap toes, etc. Louie looked in the back and said that he also has a couple of pairs of black oxford patent leather formal shoes in 11D. Louie is trying to call you. The two-strap monk shoe that I saw (size 10D in light tan) and mentioned in a prior post is called the "Felstead" and is on the Pediwear site above. The plain cap toe someone else previously asked about is also included on that site; it is the "Oundle" (apparently Grenson model number 8001). I also saw a Cognac "Stowe" in a 10D (Grenson model number 8004). I am also a 10D. That same Stowe is the first Grenson shoe that I bought from Bennie's, so they must have had at least two pairs in my size. Please, somebody buy it, so I don't get tempted to get another pair. Apparently, Chris, who is at the Cobb County store, has a hard time getting someone to accurately check the racks at the Piedmont Road store for him; it is not an easy task, as they have a huge rack for each size of shoe and over 100 shoes (about 8-10 different brands) on each rack. It is hard to survey an entire rack and to try to quickly spot the 2-4 Grensons that might be on it.    
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Just received a call-back from Louis. He indicated that the store just received an new shipment of shoes, but most are black. Very few if any available in smaller sizes.
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[quote=JohnMS,10 Sep. 2004, 2:34]Good heavens, someone PLEASE post some pictures once your Grensons arrive.  Take some pictures of these. quote] This is on the Ask Andy site, but the shoes I have seen look better than these pictures. Nos. 2 and 8 are formal pumps. I think nos. 4 and 9 are the Radley (#8009) in black and maybe in burgundy (but the color in the photo looks little off to me), respectively. I think no. 12 is the Rugby (no. 8002) in a color that looks far more redish to me than the Cognac color I personally saw. No. 13 is a true example of the Cognac color I bought, as well as a good depiction of the antiquing. Nos. 7 and 11 are in the color I have been saying is similiar to EG's "acorn antique." Most of these models pictured are "odds and ends" and do not include the Stowe, the full brogue captoe, and wingtip, etc., that was the heart of the load that Bennie's got. In fact, I never saw any of these models, other than the Radley and Rugby, at Bennie's before. I would not be surprised if Bennie's originally had over 25 different models of Grenson Masterpieces in stock. Of these pictured ones that are new to me, I personally like nos. 1, 7, 10, and 13. Grenson Masterpieces have the size and model number written in an oval "cut-out" in the leather lining in the side on the inside of each shoe. The cheaper models that I saw at Bennie's are not leather lined and simply have the size and model stamped onto the unfinished rough backing of the leather exterior. On looking at the pictures carefully, I think I can see the edge of the oval "cut-out" in nos. 1, 4, 9, 10, and 13. The "cut-out" seems to not be present in the two formal pumps, nos. 2 and 8 and I therefore doubt that they are from the Masterpiece line. As to the others, the angle of the pictures prevents me from seeing whether the oval "cut-outs" are there or not.
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Does anyone know if shoes in pics 5 and 11 are available? In size 11.5 and in black, although brown would do as well. Thanks gents.
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I wouldn't mind seeing pictures of the J&M handgrades some of you purchased as well.
The regular sole J&M Handmades The "shovel" sole J&M Handmades;st=0 Last time I was at Bennie's it seemed to have 25-30 pairs left, but all in VERY odd sizes, like 8-10 pairs in sizes 7 and 7.5, a few 8s, and the rest in mostly quite large sizes in very narrow widths, like A, AA and AAA.
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Picked up some black grenson masterpiece loafers, we'll see how they are.
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Apparently I got the "Gloucester" loafers, but he thought they might be the "Radley" in black, we'll see I guess. Anyone seen either of these shoes in person?
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Well, I emailed Chris today to see what's available in my size. I'm primarily interested in browns, but might go with a burgandy if that's all there is. I don't really need any black shoes right now. I really don't wear the one's I have very much. The Gloucesters look like a classic penny loafer with the Radleys more of a dress loafer. The styling on both is very nice. Quite sharp.
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they look nice, I will post pics when I get them.
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This is Chris, I will be more than happy to try and email anyone interested in the Grenson shoes pictures if they will email or call me with such a request. It may take a couple of days to get the pictures to you, but if you will bear with us, we will try to give an exact count of the styling still in stock. 770-955-1972 Thanks for the support from this group and we hope you will be happy with any purchase you have made through our
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I received my Grensons in the mail yesterday, and they are exactly what I was looking for (sorry FCS. ) . I'll try and post pics, but I'll have to borrow a digital camera, so it won't be soon. Anyway, I'm not certain what model they are, the closest I can find is the Oundle. The model number listed on the cutout inside is 8001, but I don't know what that refers to. There are several similar models that aren't masterpieces, and I probably can't tell the difference anyway... The box is plain white and a sticker says (I think, I'm at work now and don't have it in front of me) "Perfectly fitting shoes from England" and 11d, and you can see the 10e handwritten on the box underneath. There's no sign of a Paul Stuart connection on these shoes. They are a cognac captoe, very elegant line and close cut sole and a slightly darker, antiqued toe. This is the first pair of really premium shoes I've gotten, so thanks to Chris at Bennie's and the forum for bringing them to my attention. My roomate was around when I got them and his reaction was, "The leather on the sole of these shoes is nicer than my shoes." Please excuse the lack of expertise/jargon used to describe...
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Shoreman, does your pair look like any on the Paul Stuart website?
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Grenson Rugby: I guess I'll volunteer a few observations about the cognac captoe that shoreman received.  I ordered a similar pair but they didnt fit--the 7.5D was too tight through the toe box.  FWIW, I tried on two pairs at Paul Stuart on Madison Ave. in the exact same model and what appeared to be an identical last.  The 7.5s fit perfectly in the captoe model I tried on, but I experienced a similar problem with fitting in a derby that was supposedly built on the same last from an earlier vintage.  Apparently, Bennie's stock must be at least one or two years old. In terms of lasting, the Rugby was shaped somewhere between an Edward Green 202 and 808.  Actually, a more apt description would be the shape of the EG 202 with the width of the Crockett and Jones 337. I would rank Grenson's quality of leather on par with C&J handgrade.  The anitquing was nice, though not as pronounced nor beautiful as Green or C&J.  All in all, an absolute steal at $157 shipped.
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