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Shades of Grey or Marni, need info on these brands

Both have nice looking slim pants, but do not have any experience with them
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Originally Posted by Mercuryman76 View Post
Was just at Macy's downtown SF today...waders were marked down to $19.99 and there's a sale starting tomorrow for an additional 20% off. $16 for waders is pretty good deal.

If I was shrunk about 15% in the wash I would be all over this.
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Originally Posted by jabreal00 View Post
Terrible fit and a bit baggy. Brooks Brothers has some decent slim fit chinos (Milanos).

My Milano's are great! For the $35 I paid for each pair I bought, they really are worth the money. The brushed cotton is substantial and you can't beat BB's customer service.
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Obviously someone stated this before (due to number of pages) why dont you guys buy cheap flat front chinos and slim them to your liking, well thats what i do extremely cheap and simple
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Got my dockers order of 3 pairs of D1 fit in the same size

Gotta love quality control (just like levis)...

One pair fits pretty well. If it shrinks a tiny bit in length it will be perfect and the waist is good (lately I have been wearing my waistbands without any room but this one has just a bit of room).

Another pair is not quite there in the waist but close to what I was expecting (I ordered big in the waist thinking I would take the waist in and have everything else fit fine). The length is hard to tell until first wash but it might be too long.

The third pair is big enough in the waist that I don't want to wear then with a belt and a tucked in shirt...because you will see them fold over to fit. They also seem too long (I could cuff them once and be good)...

I think the first two will be ok with wash and hot dry...the third will probably need to be altered. They have some silly waistband with an "invisible inch" for comfort...hopefully this doesn't mean they pop open and get too big after wearing.
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Anyone have experience with Topman trousers? These in particular They look like they'd be perfect for any occasion, semi-casual to business-casual. Is it worth the $70, both in quality and look?
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For $70 you're better off getting 2 pairs of 511's on sale. Topman has awful QC
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Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty View Post
For $70 you're better off getting 2 pairs of 511's on sale.

Topman has awful QC

real talk. you guys need to stop messing with all these other brands and just kop 511s.
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Ah, that's the thing, I own a pair of 511's and I'm not too sold on them. The topblock is too long and wide for my liking. I'd prefer something much more slim/straight throughout with a more refined look. To me, the seams on the 511's make it look very jean-like. What's QC btw?
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QC = Quality Control

With $70 you could get a pretty decent pair of chinos. Try checking B/S or asking in the recommendation thread, I don't know exactly what it is you're looking for but if you have certain qualities you want try asking in there and see what falls into that range... personally I have Dockers Waders I got for like $30 each and I love them.
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Alright thanks, I appreciate the help.
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I bought a pair of these: Pure Blue Japan Vintage Chinos about 6 months ago. They are nice and slim but the material has faded rather quickly similarly to the way jeans fade. The upper thighs and knees lost the most colour along with the seams. I didn't follow the hand wash only instructions, but thought that was ridiculous for a pair of chinos. They are low rise. The waist sizing seems to be looser than on their jeans. The material has deliberately uneven weave. Oudside and inside side seams are double stitched, similar to newer style jeans.
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I've been looking at Dockers slim-fit online but it's tough to get them under 75€ in Europe, particularly Portugal. Oi Polloi has Dockers Extra Slim Chino with 8" hem but they're 86€ + shipping. Do you know of european brands that have affordable slim-fit chinos?
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Can anyone compare/contrast the EP Rivet Chinos with the Patrik Ervell formal pants? I know the Ervells have the added bonus of a silk lining in the waist that keeps the waist from stretching out, but beyond that is there any noticeable difference in quality (specifically wondering about the quality of the fabric)? Do you like the cut of one over the other? Let me hear what you think.
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post
real talk. you guys need to stop messing with all these other brands and just kop 511s.
Man, just because 511s are the only pants your little piggy bank can afford doesn't mean you need to impose your financial insufficiencies on the stylistic choices of others. Really getting sick of your posts...
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