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Great thread.


Last night, after seeing the suggestion here, I picked up a couple of Lived-in Slim Chinos on sale at Gap. They are very soft, nice medium weight, and they did a great job on achieving a believable broken-in feel. The fit seems good but I am not the best gauge... at 5'5", I typically have to get all pants tailored so that they fit proportionally. To me, they seem a bit too casual to try to dress up more than just a little bit but they would probably work for casual Fridays at my office when I don't feel like wearing jeans. All in all, I think I am going to love them.   


I've had some H&M slim chinos for about a year. I don't know how they compare to the current seasons offerings but they fit pretty slim (kind of like 511 Levis). The quality seems decent - they haven't fallen apart or anything - it's just that the fabric doesn't appear to be anything special and they are pretty lightweight. Again, I don't think I could dress these up either. These have been my go-to lightweight basic chino that I wear with boat shoes in warmer weather.


Based on suggestions from this thread, I'm planning on trying some Unis Gio and Brooks Brothers soon. Then, I'll have a nice spectrum for comparison. I assume that either of those might have the potential to be dressed up a bit more.

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Originally Posted by HollyJoint View Post

khakis chinos look great with a pair of desert boots besswax?
Imo They look better with denim
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Anyone know how to size on Dickies slim skinny fit twill pants? Sale at a Target..read mixed reviews saying they shrink after wash and the opposite saying they stretch. Can anyone help me out?

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Hands down the Hawkings McGill skinny chinos. Grabbed a pair at URBN. They're a great fit and definitely between skinny/slim. Also reasonably priced. I have them in slate, but they offer them in khaki, burnt orange, etc. They're casual but might be dual-use on something moderately formal.

Also try H&M. They have some nice skinny khaki, navy and black chinos. They're also kind of dual use.

If you want true skinny fit, try Tilly's selection of stretch skater-douche in skinny. I bought a black and khaki pair that are tolerable (no crazy back pocket patterns) and are great for very casual wear.


Went and picked up 2 more pairs of the Hawkings McGill chinos from UO.  They were $49.  Can't beat that.  They fit perfectly!  I now have 2 pairs in slate, 1 in blue and one in black.  They're one of my favorites!

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Gap's lightweight slim pants are worth checking out, especially if they're running a 40% off promo.  As long as you order the right size, the pants won't pool like they do in the pictures online.




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I'm looking for some good business chinos.


Incotex seem like really popular chinos but are really expensive. If I could find discounted Incotex, I'd try them. I like unis, but their 38 is a tad too tight on me and they don't seem to make larger. Any suggestions on comparable quality chinos?

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