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Finally caved and picked up a pair of navy chinos. The reviews are just too good to ignore. - Keith
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I've had good luck with Standard Cloth Skinny Bedford 5 Pockets at Urban Outfitters... they're on sale now for $29. I'm a 36 and they have a 11" rise & 8" leg opening (down to 9" rise / 7" leg, I think, in smaller sizes), so they are on the flattering side of skinny, but not thigh-clingingly tight on me (I'm 6'3, medium build). Fit is pretty much as in the pic, but maybe a little less break at the bottom because I have longer legs. A little more modern than say your j.crew (which I gotta agree with nerazzurrri - I can't stand).

Good as a more casual look, but they also look good matched with a mid range slim fit euro blazer separate, like a Ben Sherman or Ted Baker. I'm not a pleated man myself. Just as a warning they are pretty lightweight twill, but I prefer that because I live in California.

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BB Milano Regular Size Vs. J.Crew Urban Slim Fit Sized down 1 Slimness: J. Crew is definitely slimmer everywhere (Seat/Thighs/Leg). Both fit about the same in the waist. However.. sizing down may make the J. Crew's a bit uncomfortable when sitting down. J. Crew in normal size would definitely be to big. Fabric: BB Milano is more of a dressier, heavier, work fabric. Would likely be difficult to wear in July/August. J. Crew is a more lightweight fabric. BB Milano is available in a summer fabric. Construction: BB Milano feels pretty solid.. from the stitching, seams, no loose threads. J. Crew has a few loose ends, construction is similar or slightly better than H&M Suiting line of pants. Details: Both have lined waist band etc, similar construction. J. Crews have a nice shirt fabric used for the pockets where BB is just cotton. J. Crews' pockets are also a lot smaller than BB. Conclusion: Wear J. Crew in warmer months, BB in cooler months. BB Construction feels much more solid than J. Crew. J. Crew fit in BB construction/fabric would be a sweet combination.
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In my experience, I've had several chinos that fit slim for me. J. Crew's urban slim fit, Banana Republic's vintage straight, and Toddland pants from Urban Outfitters. Banana Republic's fit slimmest on me without being too uncomfortable. It really just depends on your body type, and mine doesn't really fit into anything else comfortably. Levi's 511 is too slim for me, but the 514 is as tight as I like my denim. Just goes to show that you have to experiment and find what works best for you.
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I'm going to buy 3 more pairs of Milanos tomorrow, I think.
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Looking for a pair of navy chinos. I love the Uniqlo Vintage Chino and I have 2 pairs but they don't make em in Navy.
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My personal favorite are from a store called Save Khaki in NYC. Barneys & Bloomingdales definitely carry some of their stuff. Also, I just picked up two paid of Earnest Sewn twill cotton chinos on Gilt for $100 off the retail price. They size a bit off, I fit a 31 in 'fulton' cut chinos, but a 32 in the denim.
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Dropped by Macy's today and found that Dockers' much -balleyhooed "soft khakis" now come in slim fit. Nice selection of colors.

Before it was just "classic fit" which resembled Bills-level of bagginess.
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dockers f/w 10 line is going to feature much slimmer fits. right now they have what appears to be a store-exclusive pair called "khaki waders" that can be found at urban outfitters. it comes a few colors, ranging from khaki to nantucket red. it seems to have about a 7.5-8 inch leg opening and runs true to size.
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Saw some asian guy outside wearing some slim khakis rolled up and the cuff was this pastel rainbow-ish kinda thing. Pretty neat and looked good with simple white sneaks
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Dammit all the Jcrew Urban slims in Tan are sold out on thier website...any in stores? Ridiculous, how can they ship 8.24?
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Originally Posted by chronoaug View Post
Saw some asian guy outside wearing some slim khakis rolled up and the cuff was this pastel rainbow-ish kinda thing. Pretty neat and looked good with simple white sneaks

Could be Ralph Lauren Rugby since i'm selling a pair that has a "rainbow" type pattern all around the waist, not the hem though.
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Tailorstore now has MTM (kind of) Chinos in a few colors for $65
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Has anyone tried on the Brooks Brothers Clarks? Im debating whether to get those or the Milano. Ive heard that they fit very similarly except the Milano seems to have a lower rise. Some people complain that it's too low and indeed even the slim Epaulet chinos have a higher rise.
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Oh you can mix and match the pants for the buy 2 deal. I got one of Clarks and one of Milano, Ill exchange the one I dont like. Edit: Ah my cordovan belt isn't shipping until August 8th, Ive been fooled
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