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Originally Posted by JosiahS View Post
 A negative for me though is that i thought they were 89 USD but they recently added the euro sign which kinda irritated me.,.


They are still 89 USD.  I think you have to set your country as USA at the start page.

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Any suggestions for a slim selvedge chino? (besides N&F and left field)


Also are the w+h west point chinos as shiny in person? or do they lose the sheen w/ wash & wear


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Originally Posted by max-t View Post

probably a stupid question but whats some nice footwear i can wear with with my (black n khaki) chinos besides cp's?

Define "nice footwear"? Yeah, Alden Jumpers are sweet, but what about Gentleman Travelers, 3000 Mile boots, Timberland Boot Co., Alden Indys, W+H Service boots, Desert boots (Clarks, John Varvatos, plenty of others)? Or more dressy? I think with a decent pair of chinos, you can pretty much wear whatever you want: cap toe oxfords, wingtips, weirdo Paul Smith stuff, just gotta eye it up and see. I'd have no problems wearing, say, a pair of white Paul Smith brogues with a pair of khakis, rolled up to show ankle (or some nice dandy socks?) and a crisp button down shirt (or hell, chambray).
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Purchased a pair of Dr. Denim Donk chinos today for roughly 70 SGD. Pretty good fit and value imo.
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Originally Posted by benjamin831 View Post

The last issues I have with these khakis is the rise, which could be a bit lower since I lack a backside. I shouldn't be a problem for most people who aren't as skinny as I am.

I really like the thickness and stiffness of the fabric, which is easily 9-10oz. I also like the price and the wide selection of sizes. I think if you're considering the lower-end khakis like GAP or J.Crew, I would seriously encourage you to give Dockers a shot.

Overall I think Benjamin's assessment is pretty fair. I got a pair in the British Khaki color and found them to be on the whole quite good, especially for the price. I, like Benjamin, am skinny, so I too would prefer a lower rise. But I don't think anyone would look at me in these pants and think the rise was too long (but still, I would like it maybe 3/4" - 1" lower). Some people mentioned that the taper was too much / too little for their taste, which makes sense because I think it's definitely a middle ground on taper. It definitely tapers, but it's not like a skinny jean. It's slim and therefore is probably more timeless. I don't think these are gonna look bad in 5, 10 years. Also, I found them to feel a bit slimmer than J Crew's urban slim fit. In addition, the hem at the opening is a jean-style hem of about 1/2" (whereas many khakis / chinos have a thicker hem of about 1.5") and I think that makes for a better break / cleaner look as it transitions into your shoes.

My only complaint (other than the rise) is that the front pockets are pretty deep, and I prefer a shallower pocket as I often carry my phone in my front pocket. When I put my iPhone in these chinos, it rests about mid-thigh. I think the pocket could lose 1.5" of depth, at the risk of us losing some change.

FWIW, my friend is a bit more muscular than I am (I am 6'2" and 155 and he is 6'2" and 170) and they look great on him. So I think this might be a very good option for someone with a more average build, as opposed to skinny people. But that being said, you could do much worse.
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Anyone have experience with Dior Homme chinos?  What's the quality of the material like?  Any tips on sizing?

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i am looking for olive slim-tapered chinos. is carhartt any good for $130?
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Originally Posted by ddeenn View Post

i am looking for olive slim-tapered chinos. is carhartt any good for $130?

Where are you seeing these Carhartts???
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If I want a tailor to slim a pair of khakis, what's a reasonable fee? I guess it depends on the tailor, but more than $50? Or much lower?
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$50 is not reasonable. A regular taper should cost around $20, but if you want the thighs slimmed too maybe $35-$40, max?
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It depends on what needs to be slimmed down. It's usually more than just the thighs because at that point, the seat and crotch will look unbalanced.

My tailor, who I would consider in the middle range, charges me about $60-70 to taper the thighs, legs, take in the crotch, and seat. This basically turns a regular fit pair of pants into a slimming fitting one.
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^ Thanks for the tips, guys.
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Anybody have the leg opening measurement of the dockers alpha khakis in a size 32 or 33 waist? I assumed it was same as the sf tapered (7.5") but a guy on ebay selling them says it's 7.25"
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If you are looking for top quality the best option would be Incotex Red. They are not skinny (slim is the word here), the fit is fantastic and the look&feel is exactly what I want: still classic but with a contemporary edge (stone-washed, maybe with a coin-pocket, etc.)
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