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LA Guy (or anyone else), any tips for properly trimming (as opposed to shaving) your hair? I have been thinking of trying to maintain a trimmed look by myself since the hair surrounding my bald spot continues to (cruelly) grow as rapid as ever. The short haircut looks good for a week but then the surrounding hair is back to a length that it accentuates the bald spot. If it can be done well by someone with average hand-eye coordination, I would prefer to just maintain it myself.
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LA Guy (or anyone else), any tips for properly trimming (as opposed to shaving) your hair?
As I said before:
If you want the 1/8-1/4 inch look, just buy a trimmer and go to town.
Used the number 1 comb attachment. Pretty simple, really. Use a hand mirror to check the back. It takes about 15-20 minutes (for me anyway) to get everything completely even.
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Thanks, it's good to hear that there really isn't any secret to it. It sounds like even I should be able to successfully do it.
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I started shaving my head at the beginning of summer and I'm really happy with how it looks and feels. I use a three-bladed razor and Headslick, made by the Headblade Company. It is definitely superior to any other shaving cream/gel I've ever used. My only complaint is that it takes me a long time to shave. I suppose I'm too much of a perfectionist, and that's what takes so long. I tend to shave every other day, and in the evening. I was told once that the skin on the scalp has fluid built up (or something like that) after sleeping for a night. Shaving in the morning can supposedly lead to stuble quicker than if one shaved at night. It may not be a valid theory, but I do know that shaving at night instead of in the morning leaves me with less stuble throughout the next day.
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I used to be a Headblader, until a trip to Hawaii where I forgot my Headblader and had to use my Mach 3. With the Headblader, I often would get cuts if I wasn't extremely vigilant and careful. WIth the Mach 3, I get a better shave and NO cuts, ever.

I use regular shaving cream, the same stuff I use for my face. If you're new to head-shaving, use the hand that isn't holding the blade to feel your scalp, and that will be your guide for what spots are done and what still needs shaving. Using this 'feel' system I could shave my head with my eyes closed, no joke.
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Straight razor.
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I started shaving in Oct 05 when I purchased the Headblade along with the Headslick cream. After a few tries and having my head butchered everywhere, I thought I was gonna quit. I tried a little babyoil to get that lube and still the cuts. I was only able to get a successful shave with the headblade about once a month and I tried to shave at least weekly..

Since I got a DE for my face, I use the Mach3 turbo the the head. No Cuts ever and a clean shave. I love it... and so does the wife.

One tip i recommend is using some type of pre-shave oil on the head before the shave. I even use my shave-brush and the prorasso on the head for a nice fresh feel.. Good luck!
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