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yesstyle a legit site?

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Found something I like. Any personal issues with ordering from yesstyle?
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The Korean Skytop ripoffs?
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My cousin orders from yesstyle all the time. The order/ship process sounds fine. He mentioned something about free shipping for orders over $______
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didnt Yesstyle come up on here a couple months ago?
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they are legit, meaning what you see is what they ship. now, what you see might be a ripoff of some maison martin margiela unisex bib blouse, but that's another topic
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How about (Canada)? Are they legit and do they sell genuine merchandise? I have asked this question some time ago in 'Ask a Question...' section but it was probably overlooked (I can not believe that one of you guys would not know). Sorry for hijacking this thread a little... Thank you!
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anyone from melbourne (australia ) that ever bought anything from this site ??
do they arrive on time ? and about the payment and stuff are they any trouble ?? cos i really like one of the jacket ...

thank u for the info...
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My only problem is that they take almost a month before the item reaches you due to the sourcing. And they failed to include my "Free - YesStyle Surprise Gift." =( But other than that, they are fine for H&M quality designer copies.
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in my experience, quality is quite a bit under h&m. also to my. potato my free suprise gift was a little cell phone charm shaped like a boot, so you didnt miss much : )
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yeah. they are legit...
just don't expect great quality.
and as far as shipping goes, free shipping over 150.
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I do not like their clothes, but I know people that have bought from them and they are legit. The quality is not great though, their material is cheap and I don't know any repeat customers.
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And in case you haven't noticed yet, from memory it was all sythetics. To me that isn't much of a deal at the prices they charge. Their sizing suits me though. The only complaint I've heard is that they sometimes can't source what's on their site so you might end up being able to get only some of what you ordered. Anything on the site with the disclaimer that the name on label may differ due to sourcing just means it's well know brand knock off right down to the label, they just don't like to advertise the fact.
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They almost always email you a few days after the order and tell you "after and extensive survey of our suplliers we regret to inform you that the item you ordered is no longer on stock." Been burned with that one numerous times and I think I've learned my lesson.
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they're kool! they take a little while, so if you're impatient you may be a little mad. but to answer your question, they're legit!
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Some interesting/cheap outerwear, and a select few of interesting tennis shoes. Everything else you can do much better, for the same price or cheaper. I would not recommend pants from them at all.
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