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Shoes with jeans

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I'm looking to get some shoes to wear with jeans

I currently have a pair of black ferragamo anthonys which i really like but am thinking that drivers cant really be worn after the summer season

I was thinking of grabbing a pair of brown ferragamo cancuns.

What kind of shoes (specific brands/models) do people recommend with jeans? I am not looking to wear a boot or anything super funky

BTW, I am a recent college grad and my weekend look is generally untucked button down shirt, blazer with shirt, blazer with t shirt, etc

I wear slim fit boot cut or straight cut jeans

Thanks for the advice.
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don't wear shoes with jeans
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what do you recommend instead?

i have black low converse and sambas that i wear but I like to mix it up
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what I reccomend is to look through the countless photos of people wearing jeans with shoes in the WAYWT thread and see what shoes appeal to you - go from there.
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If you wear dress shoes with jeans make sure the shoes are a matted color not shiny patent leather - that looks dreadful. I see people out sometimes with ripped jeans and shiny black leather shoes and I wanna puke.
post #6 of 9 or .net, cant remember. then look up Nike SB dunks. tons of colors and funny thing about em, buy them new, wear em once a month or so and they will actually appreciate in value. sambas and black chucktaylors go with anything but adidas are too narrow for me

thats what i wear with jeans. if im dressin it up a bit i'll wear cole hann loafers/ gucci drivers, but nothing shiny like aforementioned.
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Nothing wrong with well-shined shoes with jeans as long as the rest of your clothes are sharp (e.g., most of GetSmart's fits).
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Get the Cancuns in suede. The shoes will be so sharp that you'll have to be sharp to match.
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