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Anyone Know a good tailor in London, Ontario, Canada?

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Anyone Know a good tailor in London, Ontario, Canada?

Yeah, I realize that's pretty specific... but any help would be appreciated. Recruiting season coming up soon, so I've gotta look good and after spending some time here I realize my stuff doesn't fit as well as I thought...
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I've used Fred Badr on Richmond Street in the past. I didn't think he was too expensive, although I didn't have him do anything too complicated.
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He just charged my $30 to slim down a shirt... not sure if that's just the going rate, or he's expensive, or if he's just trying to take me for a ride...
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That actually sounds OK. I got quoted $10 for darts or $25 for taking in the sides of a shirt by a local tailor.

Did he do a great job?
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Who did you go to in Toronto?
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Originally Posted by LVoer View Post
Who did you go to in Toronto?

It was actually in Markham - PM me if you're interested and I'll send you the info.
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I was hunting around for some tailors in toronto... there were a few that looked pretty good. several mentions of some shop in the RBC plaza.
I went to "penny" at yonge and castlefield "Stychin Tyme". it's a small shop, typical Scottish woman working there, very friendly but busy (stay on her good side!). Seemed quite competent (she actually refused to work on something becuase she said it would never really look right), decent prices (although she won't discount for multiple stuff). eg, jacket pulled in around $40, shoulder changes $40+, etc. Picking up a suit and some things next week so we'll see how it goes.
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I'm reviving this thread because I too need a tailor in London, Ontario. Anyone have any recent experience?
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I've had good experiences with Franco Paglione at 224 Oxford St. W.

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I often visit Delis Tailoring on Richmond, the lady who works there offers great service and extremely fair prices, I'm very happy with her!

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I've been looking around and I plan on getting my own prom dress made, so I can decide just how I want it done and wit the exact colours and designs, and I was wondering if any of the suggested places already did that. Or if you know of any places like that!! Thanks ! 

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Does anyone else have any experience with Delis, Fred Badr or Franco Paglione?  I just picked up a Sterlingwear peacoat and want to have the sleeves brought in a little.  My tailor back in Vancouver is jam-packed for the holidays and won't have time to fit me in before I come back to London.  Thanks in advance!

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Regarding the pea jacket and sleeve alteration, there is a great alteration spot called Kim Tailor in the Sherwood Forest Mall (dry cleaners as well.)  They do NOT make suits from scratch but they will do any type of alterations on men's suits etc. and women's dresses etc.  I have a very picky friend who used them to do a fairly complicated alteration on a multi-layered and flip/flouce type dress.  She is capable of doing it herself but figured it would be time consuming.  She was incredibly happy with the finished product and the price she was charged.  Kim, the owner, is Asian and very pleasant and they always seem to be very busy.


~~Kim Tailor B3-1225 Wonderland Rd N, London, ON N6G 2V9 519-936-1351 (inside Sherwood Forest Mall on the west side of Adelaide north of Sarnia Road and Lawson Road but before Gainsborough Road)

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Checked out Fred Badr for simple darting of a shirt. In the end, I was charged slightly more than I am charged in Yorkville Toronto and I wasn't entirely happy with the way the shirt was fitted.

Anyone have any experience with Franco Paglione?
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Franco Paglione is such a cool guy. I was charged $20 to slim down a shirt and $35 for the pants. Since nothing in stores fit tall guys well, it was totally worth the money to get it tailored. I think he did a great job.

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