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Halloween costume ideas

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First off, forgive the 'childish' topic of this post on the forum. However, I would bet that many of the members would have great ideas to help me out. I want to get an early start on this Halloween. Four friends and myself are going to Madison, WI this year for Halloween. If you don't know, Madison is one of the craziest places to go for this Holiday. A hundred thousand people walking the streets downtown, dressed in hilarious costumes. It's insane. Ideally, I'd like to come up with costumes that would tie all five of us together in some way, rather than just five random costumes. This has to be something funny. We are a hilarious group, and we can't cop out to some boring ol' costumes. There will be two guys and three girls. The general consensus idea is "wizard of oz''. We can do so much better, I think. Please give me some ideas. We'd like to keep this innexpensive. Also, keep costume suggestions reasonable - something we could easily make or find in a thrift store. What have been some great costume ideas of your own?
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2 guys and 3 girls? hmmm.. Scooby Doo might work but I don't know how one of the girls would feel about playing a dog. Your going to Wisconsin so maybe 2 Green Bay Packers and 3 Cheerleaders. I'll think of some more give me some time.
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is one of you shorter than the rest? you could be 4 fingers and a thumb.
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5 people hmmm... boyband. Backstreet or N'Sync. At least 2 of the dudes in those bands look like girls.
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or they could get a bunch more friends to go in with them, all put on white choir robes, and they could be Polyphonic Spree.
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Hmmm.... You could go as a five peice box of chicken mcnuggets... The Jackson 5 (you'd have to find a small white girl for Micheal though) George.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, and the same small white girl to play Tom Ridge. Olympians disqualified due to steroid use ...I'll keep thinking. personally, I'm planning on being a table, on top of which a monkey head sits on a platter, with the top of its head cut off and a spoon sticking out of its brain. But then again, I'm a sick...sick man.
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Potential? "The story goes something like this: During the seventh-inning stretch, four Brewers employees dressed as an oversized bratwurst, a hot dog and Italian and Polish sausages were racing past the Pirates' dugout as part of a traditional "sausage race" created to entertain fans. As they ran by, Simon swatted the Italian sausage (Block), who fell to the ground. The hot dog mascot then stumbled over the sausage and also tumbled to the floor. Fortunately, the two women were barely injured as they were treated for scraped knees." Note: for reenactment, the character of Simon requires a bat.
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How about the cast of "Kill Bill"?  One girl can be The Bride, one guy can be Bill, the other guy can be the character played by Michael Madsen, and the other two girls can be (pick 2 out of 3) the characters played by Lucy Liu, Vivica Fox, and Daryl Hannah. It helps if the individuals physically resemble the characters, but it is not necessary.  For example, wearing a nurse's uniform and an eye patch will leave no doubt that a girl is supposed to be playing Elle Driver (the Daryl Hannah character).
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...if one of the girls in the group resembles lucy liu: please post pictures. --- here's another one - you could go as the five points of a pentagram. dunno where you're going to find a goat and a virgin though. /andrew - HAIL SATAN
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Great ideas, guys. It's funny - we were thinking of doing the scooby doo thing...but the fact that we don't resemble the actual characters makes it tough. Same with the Jackson 5 - we talked about doing this, but didn't know if it would be offensive to put brown shoe polish on our faces. Tokyo, That is one sick idea...but hilarious. Keep those ideas coming.
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there's a jackson 5 tribute band called 'wonderbread 5'...
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How about the Partridge Family - you could make a bus out of cardboard and carry it with you. Bradford
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I tell you what try 2 pimps and 3 skanky hoes, just make sure the chicks actually end up looking skanky cuz there's just no fun in plain old pimps and hoes...
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