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Sports afield

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Anyone fly-fish, hunt or the like? Any stories you would like to share. I'm in NYC, and if you have a car and want to try it out, let me know.
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i am interested in hunting, but i haven't had time to do it. once the little ones get older, i hope to find some friends to go out with. i did go deer hunting last thanksgiving, when i visited my inlaws in missouri. i saw one doe, but she was too far away and moving too quickly so i didn't shoot. the gentleman whose farm we were hunting was in a tree nearby, and had a couple really good opportunities - the deer were practically right under his stand. but he was using his son's rifle with which he was unfamiliar, so he had trouble getting it to fire in time. he missed. unfortunately i can't swing the drive from san francisco to the NYC area. i'd have to wake up waay too early. /andrew - subscribes to fur-fish-game magazine, among others.
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I used to go tuna fishing when I was younger.... but not for sport, I only did it when I wanted some tuna (and we shared it with people). Same thing with deer and boar. I could never understand the "sport" in it... the animals can't get back at you.
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