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Bijan suits

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I saw these suits on ebay and they kind of intrigued me and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about them or has any comments on wether or not this would be a decent deal. bijan suit Bijan suit 2
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Well they are 100% cashmere -- that's worth alot in itself. The $15,000 retail claim seems extreme to me, but maybe the thread is 24k gold and the buttons are real horn -- from the tusks of prehistoric mastadons.
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The seller "sartorialsolutions" has an account here under the name Carlo, and posts quite frequently. I haven't done business with him, but he comes across as an honest seller and a very nice guy to boot. I'm sure he'll respond eventually; you could also just PM him directly and ask.
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Bijan sells Kiton suits and the like at remarkably inflated prices. He slaps his name in the suit, jacks up the $$$, and millionaires assume the suit must be marvelous, so they shell out 2-3x what they would pay if they simply went to NM. So the suit is pretty much a cashmere, 3 piece by Kiton with side vents and flat front trousers. What that's worth to you is up to you.
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For $15K, the suit better do my daughter's homework, take out the garbage, and walk the dog as well as look good.
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yea, for 15k it should probably do some stuff like that tuxedo in the jackie chan movie but for $1000 it doesnt seem so ridiculousy expensive
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The $15,000 retail claim seems extreme to me
Actually - that's probably legitimate on the seller's part. Yes, $15,000 for a suit is extreme, but I do believe that's what it would cost to purchase this suit from the Bijan store. I've been by the Bijan store on Rodeo Drive and as I recall, you have to make an appointment just to shop there. Seems to me, he was quite a prestigious designer back in the Reagan-era. I haven't heard that much about him since. Bradford
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Actually I posted on another thread about these and very directly said that Bijan is a Kiton with the price tag multiplied by 3. His stuff is top notch to be sure, I assume he picks his own fabrics and buttons etcetera but otherwise i don't think he messes with the design otherwise. It takes serious cajones to ask his prices but IMHO telling Kiton how to cut a suit would take bigger ones. Wish the dang things were 44R since I love a 3-piece and the fabric is one of those "Bury me in this suit" kinda weaves. Kinda sorta an interesting duck that Bijan - his customers drop $100k on an average by appointment only visit. My guess is that if you asked him why he charges 3-4 times retail on already expensive stuff his answer would be "Because I can". FWIW - The price guesstimate is a little low according to one of my tie customers who buys this stuff regularly but anyway you slice it - a 3-piece 100% cashmere Kiton worn once at the price of a very average suit in the mall is pretty hard to beat :-) Thanks for the kind words.
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Theres no doubt its a nice looking suit, I really like it and am really trying to find a way to raise the money ASAP because as well as being a nice suit it would definitely be a unique thing to own.
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With forum guys (ie, the unpaid guinea pigs I blatantly abuse for free market research on my own line) my policies are flexible. I have to talk tough in ads since there are folks with -4 feedback who will outbid my reg'lar customers on stuff if I don't. Generally if I have something unique like this, ie - there ain't 25 others on ebay and it is just your size - then I work with people. If a regular customer or forum guy really wants something and is a little short on funds til payday I let'm bid and will hold the item for a while. One thing I have figured out - the guys here won't screw me and the reverse is true. Next time one of these comes up in another size I'd prefer to have you post "Got one like this from Chuck and he took good care of me". Definition of fun - having Brioni, Kiton, Bijan etcetera hanging all over the stockroom Definition of pain: Promising your fiance that if anything goes into your own closet something has to come out and get ebayed.
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Chuck is absolutely reliable. I would refer people to the list of trusted sellers on the fashion web site thread at the top of the forum. I think knowledge of such merchants changes the eBay equation, at least it does for me. In fact, I cannot say that I have had a bad bit of advice or solicited business on either the Ask Andy or this, forum. Some criticism was unwarranted (or put conservatively, my standards are not as high as some participants&#39. But my shopping savy is really in a different place than it was before I started here. Throw London Lounge into the mix. Personally, I have always appreciated the posts of the blatant industry people. First of all, they know a hell of a lot. Second, their terms are usually twenty times better than at any boutique, as well as their prices. Third, I am glad to patronize such people. It helps bring prices down and push quality up in a free market.
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LOL, thanks Doc but I don't think I made Aharris' list. (Just teasing AH - we're friends and he's an absolute gentleman)
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Say, what an oversight. I needed to edit that list anyway, as some of the sellers are no longer active. You are now on the list, and I expect a free tie
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