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Also, it's not a very efficient strategy, as most bidding goes on in the last few minutes of the auction, so you never know what would have happened if you end it early. On the flip side, sellers who start everything at a buck and let it end naturally usually have quite a following. Parisvegas comes to mind.
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I added 4 of his auctions, all of which should end in about 2 days and are currently under $100 (from a $1 starting price) to my watch list. Search for Belvest, it's obvious which are his. I didn't send in a complaint re: the last incident, since I hadn't been observing, but considering that a few members here said they e-mailed the seller/filed an eBay complaint, it will be interesting to see if he pulls the same nonsense again. If he hasn't learned anything, I'll e-mail eBay with my own complaint, and encourage anyone who hasn't already to do so.
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The type of behaviour this seller engaged in is not strictly against the rules (as I have read them)
It is strictly against the rules.  It's reserve fee avoidance. I count 37 auctions this seller has snipe-canceled in the last week.  No response to my e-mail, either, as one might expect if there were an innocuous explanation.
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I'm not condoning this particular practice, but the link you provided still made me chuckle, sorta. Basically, anything that doesn't line ebay's pockets is considered a "violation."
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He just ended four more auctions. Suit 1 Suit 2 Suit 3 Suit 4 I'm e-mailing eBay with a complaint. Hopefully others will too.
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it looks like all his other auctions for belvest start at $449 now.
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