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New listing up...

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just uploaded the new spreadsheet to show desc/size/brands of suits/jkts/outerwear. no pix yet, but you can get a brief description of what's there.
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Wow, theres way too many pairs of incotex slacks in my size for me to decide, I think I might have to go get a loan of some kind.
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Lance, This is a ploy to part this fool and all of his money, isn't it? Presents for brothers, fathers, me... Must... exercise... self- control...
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I see you've got some Cividini too, and it's more expensive than, say, Incotex. I've got a Cividini shirt that I picked up at a Barney's Outlet store (or Off Fifth perhaps) about 5 years ago -- a very nice machine-made shirt in a light flannel-type cotton fabric. Never seen them anywhere before or since. Overall, tons of nice stuff on your updated list.
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Lance, When do these items "hit the store?" I can feel the $ from my wallet flying through cyberspace for many of your items.
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i've got to get pix taken, then they will be up. it takes several days to do all of that, but that's pretty much all i have left to do. i will send out an announcement of outerwear and suits/jkts. several of the suits have working buttonholes already so that's a doubly good dealio if the sleeve length works for you.
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