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Paul Parkman reviews?

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I've seen some pictures of Paul Parkman's on instagram, but I haven't seen any reviews on them. They run for around $450+. Anyone have an honest review of them? Currently looking for some nice monks, and I'm debating between them, Carmina, and Meermin...

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If you find a review let me know but I am debating about the same issues. thx 

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I have bought 3-5 pair. They are beautiful! Now, I have not worn them extensively, but I have noticed a few "interesting" things. I believe that they are made in Turkey, and because I've seen camel leather in Tunis, I would bet money that the soles are camel. Camel will wear like iron, I'm not worried about that! I need to look carefully at the shoes that I've bought, again. I noticed recently that SOME of their shoes are 360 degree Goodyear welted, which can't  be beat, and the shoes can be resoled. Allen Edmonds, among others go that route. For the money, which is fairly expensive, I'll take it slow. These shoes are seemingly built for a company who "bills" itself as Paul Parkman, but, that isn't exactly a "track record". Stick with the "360 welt", and you will probably be happy. But make sure, as in all shoes, that they damn well fit you (late afternoon foot swelling included), only wear them on carpet, and make sure that they are "right" before acceptance. I'm amazed at how many people will keep an expensive shoe, wear it once or twice, and swallow the money. Cheers!

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Purchased using their proposed sizing guidelines. 


Arrived in damaged box, sizing was half size too large, polished surfaces of leather gouged in some places, careless painting of exterior side of soles with small slivers of exposed leather left unpainted, no polish on the tongue, sloppy overpaint inside shoe. 


Designs are nice. Concept is great. Execution is second rate.


Merely one person's experience with one pair of shoes. However, will not try again.

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Ditto!  I had exactly the same experience.  Very shotty work.  For the money they charge you would expect much better quality.  They really need to improve their production standards.  


In addition,  there toll free customer service number goes to an answering service 24 hrs a day.  No way to get a live person on the phone.  Only form of communication is by email and the only time they respond is during the middle of the night in U.S. time.  


I will definitely never buy from them again!  

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