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Does it make sense that armani collezioni

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They've got really nice fabrics that are unlike anything from any other brands that would look very stylish with the black suit i'm having made. In my quest for something similar I flipped through the fabric books for brioni and zegna to see if i could get custom shirts made in a similar fabrics but had no luck =/ Basically if i take a size that fits snuggly around the neck the sleeves are a bit too short It works well w/o a tie but with a tie it seems too loose in my opinion. On the one hand there's a few shirts i really like, but on the other i'm not sure i want to spend that much money on several shirts that look kinda sloppy with ties cause they're too loose. In your opinion, how much extra room is acceptable around the neck and what is too much? And is there maybe anything a good tailor could do to help with the neck size on the bigger shirt? Maybe something as simple as moving the button? I don't know.. Give me suggestions pls
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I'm with you on the Collezioni shirts...Great fabrics, lousy fit, which is really too bad. Most of the fashion books say to buy half a size too big in neck size on general principles, and because they shrink. Ike Behar is a good medium priced shirt and has a web site you can order from. Robert Talbott is also a good shirt. For Italian fitted shirts try Brioni or Barba or Isaia. Charvet too is fitted; Thomas Pink also sells online and is somewhat fitted. I have way too many shirts, can you tell? E-mail me, and I can give you where they sell them local to you. Or you can always go with my favorites, Borrellli and Turnbull and Asser.
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Have you tried Joseph Abboud shirts? They are great. Love 'em. The sleeve length is exactly what it is supposed to be.
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A tailor can only move the button to the point where the top of the collar points meet. In some cases this is a lot. For example I have a Nordstrom shirt on which I recently moved the button about 3/4" because there was so much room at the top. A good shirt will have no space there to begin with, but many shirts that are expensive still have the space. To check, unbutton the top button on your shirt, put the collar together so it is an actual upside down V with no space, and see how far off the button is. Chances are you could move it somewhat. I have found Ralph Lauren Purple Label and Lorenzini shirts to be the best I've bought. Robert Talbott makes good ones, as do the Jermyn Street houses. I like Charles Tyrwhitt of the ones I have seen in person.
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I think I'm gonna buy one and see how it fits after i wash it, I hadn't even thought about how it would fit after shrinking. If it's still too big around the neck after washing, i can maybe see about moving the button over a tad. Thanks to all those who gave suggestions. I'll try and explain why i'm so caught up on this particular brand of shirts. The thing is, they aren't really something you'd wear to an interview or a conservative office job. The fabrics play with light in a very subtle way that i haven't seen done by other brands. I mean there's Ferré that makes a turquoise shirt that would probably glow in the dark, but that's a bit too bold for me, even if it would be for clubbing.
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